Paul and I just recently went overseas to Indonesia, and we had a stop over in Adelaide (capital city of the state next to where we live) for the day. The theory was that A) Flights were a lot cheaper and B) Stop-overs are a nice way to break up the flight.

Wrong. Unfortunately, we forgot to factor in that we would be arriving at 6am in the morning, that our (cheap) airline would delay our flight and that it would be a 38 degree (C) day. As a result, we took refuge in a cinema. And tried to find the most violent film that was showing that could keep us awake.

Fury won. Starring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman, Fury is set towards the end of World War 2, when the Americans are making their final push into Nazi Germany, and essentially destroying everything in their path. Brad Pitt plays ‘Wardaddy’ the leader of his tank and the men who control it. After fighting in numerous countries together, they promise to stick together until the very end. Only problem is, when a member of their crew dies, he is replaced by Norman (Lerman), a teenage boy who has no experience with war, tanks or death.

Like so many Nazi Germany films before it, Fury often comes across simply as a vehicle for America’s patriotism. America won, Germany were evil, we get it. And while there are numerous films based around the Nazis, some which are done superbly, unfortunately Fury wasn’t one of them. While the acting was adequate, it was nowhere near Pitt’s best (who, despite his ‘hunk’ sort of reputation, I think is actually a pretty great, multidimensional actor), and the writing frequently let the whole film down. Lines like ‘Die you fucking Nazis!’ is neither original nor particularly entertaining. Plus, I do have to wonder what Germans today would think about films like this – particularly since Germany was recently crowned ‘best country in the world‘ (obviously, they’re trying to make up for the past).

Furthermore, while the plot line does get ironed out, it takes about half of the film to determine what exactly the storyline is meant to be. And even when it is finally revealed, it is scanty at best. Essentially, for a film that is meant to depict the horrors of war, it seems to sugarcoat the atrocities of certain aspects (like the countless amount of women who were raped by soldiers), so it can get back to the main focus – killing people, shooting tanks and guns, and proving that Americans are greater than the Nazis.

However – I should point out that going into this film I didn’t have high expectations, and overall it was entertaining enough. At times it did have promise, particularly with Norman, however these glimpses of something a bit more thought-provoking was quickly dispelled for more action and violence. It did manage to keep me awake which is saying something, but for a film that could have been a lot more, it was overall somewhat disappointing.

Unless you are a big fan of ‘bang bang shoot them dead’ war films, than I wouldn’t recommend Fury. Mostly, I expected more from Brad Pitt, and I think this film is inferior to what he is capable of. However, if you want a mindless two hours of entertaining, without thinking too much, then by all means give it a shot.

Have you seen Fury? What did you think? Are you a fan of Brad Pitt? Let me know!