Colin Firth in a film that takes the piss at James Bond, Savile Row suits and all? Bring it on.

Centred around two plots that intertwine, Kingsman follows a British secret service that is all about the suits, the British accent and the special-effects toys. Oh, and occasionally saving the world. The first plot centres around Richard Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), a billionaire mastermind who plans on releasing SIM cards that allow him to control the world’s population at the press of a button. The second plot surrounds Kingsman Harry Hart (Colin Firth), who has a debt to owe and finds it in the form of Eggsy (Taron Egerton), a smart, resourceful teenager who, due to his social standing, continually finds himself in trouble. After he bails him out of jail, Hart convinces Eggsy to go through a rigorous series of tests in order to become a Kingsman…AND SAVE THE WORLD (or something like that).

When I saw the trailer for this, my first thought was ‘B grade film’, yet then I saw that the reviews were all consistently saying ‘this film is hilarious’, I decided to give it a re-think. Thank goodness I did, because dragging my arse to see Kingsman turned a very average night into a highly enjoyable one.

Sure, Kingsman is over-the-top, silly, frequently reliant on special effects, but who cares? It’s a film that is actively taking the piss both at previous spy films (particularly James Bond), but also, at itself! To do so in a way that is self-deprecating, witty and still lots of fun is no easy task, but Kingsman pulls it off with aplomb.

The film really is great on a number of levels. The cast each pull off their characters with ease: Samuel L Jackson as the ridiculously melodramatic villain; Mark Strong as the straight-faced Kingsman and newcomer Taron Egerton as the strangely likeable smart arse who likes to drop the F-bomb. And while Colin Firth could play a pompous upper-class toff in his sleep, his ability to do so combined with the necessary comedic timing for this film shows that when he puts the effort in, he can be so much more.

And while this film is filled with violence, swearing and references to anal sex, it also, shall we say, has a ‘softer side’ (ha). The introduction of puppies to teach the recruitments about team work (PUPPIES!) is definitely very cute, but it was the references of elitism that is still riff today in English society that proved that there was a serious vein in the film after all.

Finally, for those who flinch at violence, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to watch this film, but trust me, as someone who does not like gore, even I was able to have a laugh at the fight scenes throughout. In the same manner as Tarantino, don’t expect anything too realistic, and in fact, a series of heads being blown up is depicted as fireworks, creating a surprisingly nice scene to look at.

If you’re after a laugh and some good quality writing and acting, then I would recommend Kingsman: The Secret Service. Sure, it may not win any awards, but that isn’t why we go see an action film on a Friday night, now is it?

Have you seen Kingsman: The Secret Service? Are you a fan of James Bond or Colin Firth? Let me know!