The Vampire Diaries: The Reckoning


“It all makes sense now, it’s IN the computer.”  OK, so maybe Hansel from Zoolander wasn’t in this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but our favourite baddie (and by favourite, I mean, vampire we would most like to strangle) Klaus did have a very Hansel-esque moment.  As in, the cure…is in Elena’s body. Da da duuummmm.

So, just for laughs (I’m sure) The Vampire Diaries writers decided to do a 180 from last week’s episode and give us full-on action with a healthy dose of thriller on the side, complete with spine-tingling scary bits of course.  Unlike last week we did not have long scenes of musings of love interests, whose hooking up with who and so forth.

No, we just had Klaus going loco on everyone.  Typical hybrid move.

If you want all the juicy bits, a full re-cap can be found on Kim’s blog HERE and if you’ve already seen it, hooray!  onwards and upwards we shall go my fellow TVD fans.

So, first on the agenda.  Stefan went through about 17,000 transitions this week (OK, I think it was really only three).  First he awoke and tried to fight off Rebecca to get to Elena…except that didn’t work because what with her being an Original and all-powerful she just shoved a big metal pole through his stomach…yummay!

Then, when he recovered from that (no easy feat) he ran inside to find Klaus and Elena…where he declared to Klaus that he DIDN’T love Elena and would be forever loyal to his hybrid bro.  Well.  Klaus didn’t believe that, and when he slapped Elena over the face (might I add, supernatural or no, here at Set In Motion we do not tolerate violence against women…you hear me Klaus?) Stefan went mad and tried to protect her.

OK, you still keeping up?  THEN, Klaus decided to compel Stefan to do his every whim, which meant chowing on the two unfortunate, but conveniently placed, randoms…so he’s now a baddie again.

THEN, when Klaus compelled him to chow on Elena (after a nail-biting 20 minute wait of course) he managed to restrain himself by stabbing himself in the stomach with a broom (seriously, what is going on in his digestive tract I wonder.  He DID just eat himself two juicy humans after all).

So now Stefan’s the good guy.

Well…Klaus did not like that.  So he compelled Stefan to switch off…as in, BAM I have no soul switch off…which meant he did actually have quite a big nibble of Elena’ neck.

Damn.  So, in conclusion…Stefan is quite literally a soulless bastard, who is sticking around to keep an eye on Elena while Klaus is off doing whatever Klaus does in his spare time (poetry readings perhaps?)

But…I hear you ask, with a confused look on your face, why would Klaus want Elena to stay alive?  Ahhh….well it’s quite simple (it isn’t really) but for hybrids to become hybrids and not turn into zombie-men, they need a taste of Elena’s blood.  Which is what we saw happen to Tyler who was the unfortunate scape-goat in this episode.

Yeah…see what I mean by confusing?

More importantly though, we learnt this episode as to WHY Klaus wanted to create a hybrid army.  Not because he wanted world dominance as we previously thought (although that is a good side-effect) but because he is lonely and just wants to have some friends (tip:  people are more likely to be your friend if you don’t go around kill all of theirs, hybrid or not).  Which really doesn’t bode well for Forwood or Tyler, who is the only other hybrid in existence…

Anyone say awkward bromance on the horizon?

On the flip side, through conversations with the dead (courtesy of Jeremy, and surprisingly…Matt) we learn that the mysterious Michael IS in fact a vampire hunter, but he himself is a vampire…and, of course, he is incredibly dangerous and all-powerful.  For those who need a quick memory boost, Michael is the character who Klaus and Rebecca were running from all those years ago.

Which is why, in the true nature of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine and Jeremy decide to wake him up.  Because that is definitely not going to back fire in the least…

So where are we now?  Delena look good, but it’s going to be tough considering sadistic Stefan is in town and ready to settle.  But then we love a good bad boy here, so will Elena have a little bit of an attraction to the new and (let’s admit it) improved Stefan?

What side-effects will Matt have from his dance with death?  Are he and Jeremy going to be vampire ghost-whisperer pals from here out?

What will happen with Anna and Vicky?  Have they revealed all their cards and aren’t needed anymore, or do they still have something up their sleeves?  And what will this mean for Beremy?

So many questions!  And we’re only a quarter of the way into the season…

What did you think of this episode?  Good?  Bad?  Too much action, or just enough?  Good plot twists or just confusing?  Let me know!

the vampire diaries

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The Secret Circle


Here at Set In Motion we get a little bit excited whenever an up and coming Aussie pops up on our screens in an American TV show.  Partially because of national pride and partially because, damnit we produce some fine good actors (not to mention some very yummy boys.  Hugh Jackman, Xavier Samuel, Ryan Kwanten…).  And we’re extra excited at the moment because not only are one of our bright young things in one of CW’s new television shows, but it’s none other than Phoebe Tonkin, who plays the lovely Fi in Tomorrow, When The War Began.

Phoebe plays Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, a new TV show created by Kevin Williamson, who is also the mastermind behind The Vampire Diaries (read: same sorta thing, cute guys, lots of twists etc etc).  This show is also conveniently based on the book series by L J Smith, who sounds familiar because she too is behind TVD.  The story surrounds a group of teenagers in the small town Chance Harbor in Washington and newly-orphaned Cassie who moves to the town after her mum dies.

So what’s the twist? Well…these teenagers are also budding witches, and now that Cassie is in town they’re circle is complete and they can get up to all sorts of voodoo.  Only problem?  Some bad guys (ie: the parents) want that power for themselves…to the point that they will kill to get it.

Da da dummmmmm.

Phoebe’s character Faye, while essentially NOT a bad guy, plays the rebel girl in the group and uses her powers for her own selfish desires which essentially leads to bigger problems.  And considering that Phoebe’s other main character to date was Fi from Tomorrow, When The War Began it’s nice to see her play the bad girl…and play it well!

What do you think? Have you seen The Secret Circle?

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The Vampire Diaries: Disturbing Behaviour


Well, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was definitely disturbing.  Largely because of a single character’s behaviour.  Ahem.  Damon Salvatore, I’m talking about you right now.

As fellow readers you’d know by now to check out Kim’s post about this week’s episode of TVD HERE which lovingly includes this week’s Bonnie bashing and musing on the boy’s hair amongst the usual.

Now.  What was the most important bit of this episode?  Also the biggest WTF moment (and remember, this is The Vampire Diaries-it’s always chock-full of WTF moments).  Damon and his “hey I haven’t killed anyone in at least 2 episodes, time to have a chow down”.  Seriously, what is wrong with the man?  Can’t he just take up an aggressive sport like kick-boxing like the rest of us do?

Anyway.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  For those who are lagging behind a bit, this week’s episode focused on Delena…only not what you think.  Now that Stefan has told Elena she can basically eff off, she’s realised that Hey!  I can openly flirt with the other brother.

Sadly no, Elena…people judge in Mystic Falls as much as they do in the real world.  Both Elena and Damon get an ear-ful from both Caroline and Alaric on how its best not to fall for each other for a number of reasons…OK just one; Damon is too much of a bad-arse for her.

This, in turn, results in Damon going after Caroline’s a-hole of a father (who is conveniently immune to compulsion…damn) and gnawing a lovely sized hole in his neck.  Bad move by Damon sure, but kinda deserved at the same time (don’t worry, he survived).

Of course…this caused Elena to get really mad at Damon who then turned to her and said “hey!  I like to eat people!  I’m not like Stefan was…DON’T CHANGE ME” (which is fair enough)…and now the two of them aren’t talking.

Great move TVD writers.

But wait, there’s more.

Yes, this week’s episode ended with Katherine getting ahold of Elena’s necklace (by doing the old pretending-to-be-Elena-trick.  Seriously guys, you need to pay more attention!) and then asking Damon to run away with her (so to speak) and get up to something naughty (once again, not even sexual).

In other TVD news?  Stefan tried to be a badarse and instead ended up getting tortured and knocked out twice, and now Klaus has returned back to Mystic Falls so that Stefan can prove himself…Nice work buddy.  But on the plus side, his hair is getting better every episode.  And Rebefan?  Still doesn’t seem to be happening…because Stefan DID pull an Edward Cullen and does actually love Elena…but is staying away to try and protect her.

Awww….NOT.  Seriously boys, when has that EVER. WORKED.  And I don’t mean just in TVD, I mean generally.

Forwood continues to grow strong, but we’re still missing out on the sex scenes we need (its MA15+ for a reason), but they’re definitely doing better than Beremy.

Yes, Bonnie is back and as witchy as ever.  However, she doesn’t take the news that Jeremy has been having conversations with the dead vampires well…dead vampires who also happen to be his ex-girlfriends (so the next time you think about killing your boyfriends ex, remember, they will come back and haunt the both of you).

Jeremy, who only sees Anna because he’s thinking of her, chooses not to help her, or whatever he might face in the future (read: probably really bad) has chosen to block her out…for now.

So what did you think of this week’s episode?  Good?  Bad?  Realistic?  Can you see Stefan getting his evil-plan-act together enough so that Klaus doesn’t find out Elena and Katherine are still alive?  What will Damon and Katherine get up to now they’re on the run together?  And how angry is Elena really?

Let me know in the comments!

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The Vampire Diaries: The End of the Affair


What’s worse than being horribly tortured?  Being horribly tortured by your father, who you realise hates you with a fiery, burning passion.  Yep.  This was part of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Hold on to your cups of tea VD fans, it was a helluva episode.

So if you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know it was full of awesome, and if you haven’t you quickly need to check out the re-cap on our fair Kim’s website HERE to get all the juicy episode of The End of the Affair.  And wasn’t this episode full of them!

So I decided to do things a little different and try a list of sorts for this week’s blog on the things I liked this week (lots!), what I didn’t like so much (not so much) and what it means for next week’s episode…


  • The flashbacks-what’s not to love about the 1920s?  Sure, for the most part women were still oppressed, the Great Depression was going on, alcohol was prohibited throughout America and Rob Pattinson wasn’t alive, but what about their outfits?  Ah-mazing!  And great to look at.  Which is why 20s flashbacks are so great; you get all the good bits  (pretty, shiny dresses) without the cumbersome reality that comes along with it.  Win-win
  • Stefan’s past-does anyone else get excited when they find out what a bad arse Stefan used to be?  I know I do.  He’s spent the majority of the past two seasons being a goody goody and that gets old, really fast.  What doesn’t get old?  Seeing really icky, disgusting torture techniques he used on his victims (that bit where he forces the guy to drink his wife’s blood?  Gold.  Disgusting gold, but gold nevertheless).  Plus, his hair looked far cooler back then than it does now
  • Introduction of new characters-Hello Rebecca, sister of Klaus and ex-lover of Stefan!  Won’t you be a lovely new surprise?  Rebecca, who is also an Original, fell for Stefan, and he fell for her, until Klaus killed her with a special dagger.  Downer.  However, things were easily fixed when he pulled the dagger out and hey! presto, she was alive again.  Only problem?  The special necklace she needs is around Elena’s neck…quite literally.  Uh-oh.  Aside from that, can anyone smell a new romance on the horizon?  Rebefan?  Stefecca?  Thoughts?
  • Tyler playing the hero-last week we said we wanted her to be saved by the always-improving Tyler, and this week the VD writers were actually nice and gave us what we wanted.  Huzzah!  Little side note; also loved that Tyler, the werewolf, and Caroline’s mum, hater of vampires, came to Caroline’s aid despite her being one of the un-dead.  Superstars.
  • Caroline’s dad torturing her to try and “cure” her of her vampirism.  Yeah douche, like THAT’S gonna work.  Fool.
  • Tyler putting the ring back on Caroline’s hand.  Unnecessary.  Dramatic.  If we wanted to see them get married, we’d at least expect a few more raunchy sex scenes like we saw in episode one.  Speaking of…more raunchy sex scenes please.
  • Damon leaving Elena.  WHY LEAVE ELENA ALONE IN STEFAN’S OLD HAUNT YOU FOOL?!?!  Have they learnt nothing from the countless vampire books, films and television shows that are floating around.  And don’t pretend you don’t know what Twilight is Damon, you referenced it in season one.  Yup.  I remember.
  • Stefan being a Class A A-hole to Elena-breaking up with her and breaking her heart?  Not cool dude.  Particularly after that steamy look you gave each other in your old hidey-hole.  I know you’re probably well meaning, but really?  Can’t you at least give her a tub of ice-cream so she’s prepared after you leave?  Men.  Even as vampires they still don’t learn.
  • Katherine definitely has some involvement; in the necklace, in the Original witch, in the Stefan-Klaus-Rebecca incestuous love triangle, who knows?  But she’s back, and she’s got a few things up her sleeve (at least that’s what I’m assuming).
  • Rebecca and Stefan-it’s going to happen, we know it.  At least she isn’t as pretty as Elena.
  • Damon and Elena?  Perhaps, in due time.  We will wait and see…
  • The guy that’s after Klaus-who is he?  What does he want with them?  What power does he have that makes KLAUS, of everyone, afraid?
  • How will they get the necklace from Elena? Stefan did end things on a bad note after all…(bet you wish you got her that tub of icecream now, don’t you?)
What did you think of this week’s episode?  Amazing?  Not so great?  Too much focus on the Holy Trinity?  Let me know!
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The Vampire Diaries: The Hybrid


Well, my fellow Vampire Diaries darlings (actually, if Twilight gets a name, can we get a name too?  And something that does not become synonymous with annoying, but rather awesome?  Please help me out with this one) the latest instalment of The Vampire Diaries is upon us, and like usual they did not skimp on the blood, action or gore…but I did feel a bit ripped off in the sexy-time department.  Anyone else?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

Moving along.  So, you know the drill, check out Kim’s wordpress site HERE for all the details if you haven’t seen the episode yet (or just want a hilarious recap)

So, first on the agenda: DELENA

OK, so in all truthfulness nothing ACTUALLY happened, but oh, there was chemistry.  Steamy, long-paused chemistry.  And in one of the scenes they were wet.  Oh yes.  Now you want to re-watch the episode don’t you?

So what does this mean?  In their last scene Damon asks Elena to remember about how she felt about him when Stefan returns…and Elena actually looked confused, and torn, and conflicted.


What do you think?  They’ll get together soon?  Or she’ll continue to pine for her vampire love?

Speaking of…he’s still evil.  Still conflicted about his evil-ness though.  IN FACT, he actually saved Damon’s life.  Which, according to Damon, means that there is goodness within him and they have to do all they can to save him from the brink of evil villain-y-ness (dislike! move on already!  Kidding…sorta).

Which is probably a good thing, since Klaus isn’t going to be much fun to be around…although considering he’s a baddie hybrid who has a diabolical plan to build an army for himself, he’s probably never much fun to be around…ANYWAY, because the previously mentioned diabolical plan…kinda went kaput.

Instead of a budding army, all he got was a group of eye-bleeding hybrids who eventually went zombie-like, killed each other and then died…Awkward.

And why did his diabolical plan not work?  Well…he was meant to kill the doppelganger (aka, our fair Elena), who, as we well know, isn’t actually dead…I wonder how long he’s going to remain clueless about that?  And will he use Stefan as bait to lure Elena into his (metaphorical, or perhaps real…) lair?

Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy and Matt are getting some good quality bromance time together (and speaking of, good for you Matt to actually get screen time!  It’s been a while hasn’t it?) seeing dead vampire lovers of Jeremy’s past.  So is Vicky telling the truth or is she out to get her?  Or is Jeremy just going insane?

And lastly…but, in my humble opinion, MOST important, the Caroline-Tyler storyline.  We last saw Caroline getting shot in the back (literally AND metaphorically the time) with darts full of vervain, courtesy of Mrs Lockwood (and you thought your boyfriend’s mum was bad!).  Since then she’s been captured and a mysterious man brought in to “deal” with her.

Of course, when Tyler finds out, HE has to reveal to his absolutely clueless Mum that actually, he’s the monster, which she found out all too well when he changed in front of her…causing her to promise to help Caroline.

However, she doesn’t get very far as the episode ends with Caroline, locked up in a basement, being confronted by the old mysterious guy…who is her FATHER

Da da dum…

Thoughts?  What did you think about this episode?  Anything particularly great?  Anything that should of been skipped?  Let me know!

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The Vampire Diaries: Season Three Premiere


It’s back!  Thank goodness!  Those cold winter months with no sexy vampires to provide a lovely distraction are over.  Vampire Diaries is back for its third season, just in time for lovely weather to arrive in Melbourne, Australia (not sure what the weather is over in the US of A but…I don’t really care, let’s be honest).  Is this a coincidence?  I think not.  Yay!

So, since it’s been about three months, anticipation building, hopes mounting, etc etc and so forth, you’d expect us viewer to be disappointed, no?

Well, I don’t know about you but I was not.  Not at all.  Kevin Williamson and the team at CW can be nasty with their cliffhangers and those plot twists, but when they say they will deliver, they deliver.

So what happened on this week’s episode?

Like usual, if you want the full recap, check out Kim’s blog HERE and then come back for all the juicy stuff we talk about here.

Right.  First off.  Possibly my only complaint for this week, (aside from the lack of Delena, come on!  writers, we need SOMETHING) was Damon’s hair.  WHY?  Last two seasons it has been luscious and gorgeous and unkempt (unlike Stefan’s wig-like bouffant.  Sorry dude, but it had to be said) and this season it’s just…eeh.  Too long.  Too boring.  Just…eeh.  Please get on that Ian Somerhalder.  Please (Although, as a warning girls, I saw pictures from last night’s Emmy’s and he’s still rocking that look.  So we’re stuck with it at least for the next few episodes I’d say).

Anyway.  Hair rant over.  The best bit of this week?  It’s a toughie, but I’m going to go for Stefan delivering.  I feel like Paul Wesley actually had a chance to act.  And isn’t Stefan “the ripper” Salvatore so much more entertaining than Stefan who waits at Elena’s beck and call?  I’m not sure if he has a big master plan, but one would hope so.  But saying that, he did convince Andie Star (if you don’t remember her it’s because she was Damon’s love interest…without the love) to jump off a very tall ledge, causing her to die…right in front of Damon.

And while we all know that Damon has screwed up in the past due to his evil plans (remember when he killed Stefan’s bestie in season one?  Ouch), this does seem to be taking it a bit far.  So does Stefan REALLY have a plan, or has the human blood just turned him more evil than he realised…and he’s in deep trouble no one can get him out of?

Speaking of evil plans…Klaus.  What’s the go with him?  As the only hybrid werewolf-vampire in existence, he has decided to try and make more of himself…but why?  If he does successfully turn a whole lot of werewolves into hybrids, how does he plan on controlling them?  And what use does he have for them?  Damn.  TVD writers, you’ve already got me asking too many questions.

Oh, and whatever happened to Elijah?  He bailed on the good guys, saved his brother and just went…poof?!  Or have I forgotten some important story arch that happened last season…

What other bit was great?  Caroline and Tyler FINALLY getting together, or as they shall be referred to from now on, Forwood (thanks Kim!).  They tried to do the whole “we’re just friends” thing, until Caroline got jealous and finally made a move, and WHAT a move!  It’s at times like this that I love that The Vampire Diaries is rated MA15+ (gotta hate the fade to black…Stephanie Meyer).

However, what should have been a great night backfired miserably for Caroline who tried to do the sneak out in the middle of the night (bad girl! bad vampire!) and ended up being shot with vervain by Tyler’s waiting mum.  Awkward.  How on earth are they going to explain that one?  And I really hope Caroline doesn’t get tortured again, because that was BRUTAL last season.

Any other news?  Bonnie is conveniently not around (except a bad videophone conversation.  Unnecessary.)  Perhaps because Kat Graham has no time for vampires anymore what with her singing career?  (No, that is NOT snarkiness you detected just then…)  Jeremy is still seeing dead people, Alaric is still depressed, and Elena and Damon are no closer to becoming Delena.

In fact, Elena ended the episode by answering a silent call from Stefan and reminding him how much she loved him.  Ugh.  Annoying.

What did you think of the first episode back?  Are you a fan?  What do you think of Forwood?  Will they last?  Or will his mum ruin everything?  Let me know!

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More Details About Season Three

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Season three of what you ask?  Season Three of The Vampire Diaries, of course!  What other season threes are almost out at the moment that we’ve been going crazy for?  None.  Exactly.

Now, before you get your panties in a twist,  I read the entire interview (yes, I am a good webgirl like that, doing all the tough jobs…) that I’ve linked below and there are NO SPOILERS.  Just lots of sexy Damon time…ahem, sorry, Ian Somerhalder, time.

Happy now aren’t you?

So Ian Somerhalder sat down with Christina Radish for and got into the nitty, gritty including how he’s going to cope now that his brother is the crazy, bloodthirsty one (but don’t worry Damon, you’ll still always be the badarse one), THAT kiss with Elena and whether or not he will remain as evil as he has in the previous seasons.

My favourite bit from the interview though.  Whether or not Bonnie and Damon will get together?  Whhhaaaa…?!?!  I know.  My response exactly.  Ian’s response?

Bonnie is hot! Sleeping with a witch would probably be pretty interesting. I hear that, and I understand that. Damon and Bonnie really are, in ways, cut from very similar cloth. Damon and Bonnie have a really cool dynamic. They’re pretty funny together. I remember shooting that scene where they’re dancing together, and I remember saying, “Wow, that really works!” I know that happens in the books. It’s that thing where you hate someone and then you fall for them. But, Damon is so wrapped up in Elena. Could you imagine Jeremy coming after Damon being like, “Stay away from my girlfriend!,” and banging on his chest, and Damon sitting there going, “Really? We hooked up once kid. It was fun. Leave me alone.” But, who knows?

If you want to read the rest of the interview, which includes a disturbing mental image of Damon ripping off a head while handing you a kitten (or something like that), check out the link below and let me know your thoughts, as always!


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