The Vampire Diaries: Season Three

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Before you get too excited, cool yourself.  Sadly, season three of The Vampire Diaries doesn’t begin until September.  I know, it IS outrageous.  First off I have to wait until September for Dexter to grace my screen and now I have to spend the lonely winter months without my weekly dose of vampires?  Yes.  I know.  Life is tough, isn’t it?

HOWEVER, I didn’t put this post up just to rub it in everyone’s faces that Damon’s on a holiday (Transylvania perhaps? hahaha), I DO actually have news.  And not just, hey look hot photo news, but REAL news.

So even though VD isn’t back for three months rumours about the plot have already started spreading on what we know as the world wide web.  So I thought, hey, my fellow VD lovers would like to know.  Yes?  Yes.  And before you get too worried, I make sure never to read any juicy spoilers, that you know, actually spoil the show.  So you’re free to read on ahead.

So what’s planned for season three?  First off, the Original vampires are still around.  We find out more about their past, what they’ve been up to for the past, oh thousand years or so, and MOST IMPORTANTLY why Klaus wants Stefan “on the dark side.”  Stefan, for his part…is pretty much just going around gnawing around on people (or something like that).  Caroline and Tyler grow closer and closer (FINALLY!  If she wasn’t immortal and he wasn’t a werewolf…just imagine their babies…), but then their families go all Romeo and Juliet on their arses and start feuding.

Jeremy is still being pestered by those ghosts (“I see dead people”), who are trying to tell him something important (duh), but to the extent that it’s screwing up his and Bonnie relationship.  Perhaps Bonnie likes being the more supernatural of the two?

And now for what we’re ALL been waiting for…Damon and Elena, also known as Delena.  Delena become closer and closer as they try to bring Stefan “from the edge”, but they feel guilty about it (as in, ELENA feels guilty about it…)

So what do you think about the potential plots?  What would you like to see happen in season three?

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Vampire Diaries: Know Thy Enemy


Hooray!  It’s back.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief that our beautiful Damon Salvatore is back on the screen.  That’s right, Vampire Diaries is back on tv and it’s back with a vengeance.

Last night’s episode, aptly named Know Thy Enemy, kicked off right where things ended (which was, oh so cruelly, a long six weeks ago).  First things first, Elena and the Salvatore brothers didn’t know thy enemy, they were properly duped.  Damn that Katherine.

For a full recount I’d suggest checking out Kimthefangirl’s blog (she’s much more thorough and entertaining than I am when it comes to recapping) right HERE

Alright?  Read that.  Good.  Now we can get to the dissecting parts.

First off.  Klaus.  Alaric.  Klaus.  Alaric.  Klaus IS Alaric.  Wait…what?  Yes you read that right.  Those sneaky writers over at CW managed to drop a bomb on us right in the dying seconds.  Using some witchy magic and some borrowed blood, Alaric is now Klaus.  Sorta.  Well.  I’m not sure to be honest.  He’s being controlled by him, who in turn is now controlling Katherine.

Ah yes…Katherine.  She definitely screwed up this episode.  She thought she’d be sneaky and side with Isobel (Elena’s vampire mum) instead of the Salvatore brothers (those goodness knows why, considering they’re so hot! Oh and good. That’s right…), yet in turn Isobel was being controlled by Klaus and turned Katherine in.  Yep, that was a screw up.  If that wasn’t confusing enough for you, she DIDN’T hand in Elena, who was conveniently at her disposal, but instead yanked off her protective necklace and burnt to a crisp in the sun.

But she did it on her grave, so at least she was poetic.  Gotta give her points for that.

Other news?  Matt and Caroline.  For those who need a bit of a refresher, Matt found out last episode that Caroline is a vampire. Eek!  Double Eek when you remember that Matt’s sister Vicky was killed by a vampire…

For those who thought that maybe things would cool off over time, well…we were wrong.  Instead, Matt convinces Caroline to tell him everything she knows and then gets her to wipe his memory.  Except she didn’t.  Because he was on vervain.  And whose idea was this?  Sheriff Forbes.  As in Caroline’s mum.  As in hater and destroyer of all things vampire.  And now she knows that Caroline is a vampire.


But don’t feel disheartened by everything that’s happened.  One bonus is that Bonnie is Damon and Stefan’s “secret weapon” since she’s harnessed all the dead witches’ powers.  Oh wait…supposedly if she uses all those powers when she kills Klaus she’ll die.  Damn…

Seriously though.  One happy note.  Elena signed the deed to the Salvatore brothers home and now she’s gonna be sleeping over…EVERY NIGHT.  Let’s just consider that for a moment.  Damon…Stefan…Elena, all in the one house.  Alone. Hmm…

Thoughts?  What did you think of last night’s show?  Up to par?  How do you think they’ll deal with the whole Alaric/Klaus situation?  Do you think that something interesting will develop between Damon and Elena now that she’ll be bunking at their house?  Let me know!

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Vampire Diaries: The Descent

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…into my madness.

So it begins once more.  Now I’m going to say something that will shock and appall most people.  But stay with me.  I kinda wish Vampire Diaries wasn’t on.  Wait. Wait.  Let me finish.  What I can’t stand?  The cliffhangers.  Before the six-week break we were left with a disgusting oozy bite (more on that later) but it was Rose who was bitten so I wasn’t really dying to know if she died (haha).  But this week?  Huge cliffhanger.  However, saying that, I probably couldn’t have survived another week without Damon, so all things considering…

Now to the deconstruction.

So it begins with a naked blonde chick out in the woods.  For a moment I think it’s Caroline and I’m really really confused.  Then I realise it’s Jules and I’m an idiot (in my defence it was late at night and usually when a person has blood smeared all over their face they’re a vampire).  And what is Jules doing?  Well she is recovering from a big wolfy night of slaughtering and eating (I assume) lowly humans.  Enter rangery type guy.  Jules acts sad and then WHAM kills him when he turns around.

I knew there was a reason why I didn’t like that girl.

Now to the vampires.  Stefan arrives (topless.  Lovely work writers.)  Says that he has to go find Isobel to see if he can find out about Klaus (which probably isn’t going to end well, all things considering).  Talks a bit with Ric and then off he goes.

During this time Rose’s wound is becoming even more oozy and disgusting.  For those who haven’t seen the episode (fools!) it’s the type of wound that makes you cringe, feel nauseous, and applaud the make-up team all at once.  Damon pretends to get sick of Rose and leaves Elena to play nurse.  Considering that Rose is a sick vampire and Elena looks like Katherine…well, it was never going to end well.

Switch to Caroline and Tyler talking, where she slips that a werewolf bite would kill her (whoops!)  Matt suddenly appears (where HAS he been?), swoops in and kisses Caroline after Tyler leaves.  Caroline, obviously flustered (as one would be) runs off.

As Rose gets more and more ill she begins to go rabid and turns on Elena.  She chases her around the house and Elena only gets away by attacking her where it hurts her most, in that oozy disgusting wound (see above).  She spends the rest of the day hiding out.  When she finally emerges she’s confronted by Damon who wants to know where the hell Rose is.

Ok.  THEN we learn that Rose is off killing people, while at the same time Matt confronts Caroline and she tells him she loves him. Whoops!  That’s going to make things complicated.  If that’s not worse enough, Tyler arrives at her house and kisses her…causing a full-on love triangle (in his defence he doesn’t know that Matt made a move).

As Rose is dying slowly and painfully Damon compels her dreams to take her back to when she was human and happy, and when she is not scared of dying he stakes her and dumps the body, during which he allows a single tear for her (so heart-breaking!)

Tyler then meets up with Jules who reveals who she is (of sorts) and tells Tyler that Caroline’s been lying to him about the number of vampires in Mystic Falls.  Uh-oh.  That girl really likes to cause trouble doesn’t she?

Damon returns home, pretending to not care at all (boys!) although Elena tries to get him to admit that he is having human feelings.  She hugs him goodbye and we see a look of pure anguish on poor Damon’s face.

FINALLY Stefan returns (where has he been? Sucks for all the Stefan fans out there!) Along with him he brings…Uncle John (the mean uncle who got stabbed by Katherine).  IF that isn’t a big enough cliff-hanger…

Ok let me set the scene for you.  Girl driving along a dark road where she comes across a man lying across the road.  She gets out, goes over to the man and asks, “are you alright?”  Alas,  he isn’t.  Sort of.  For it’s Damon.  (May I just mention that the actress who plays this girl seems to be in EVERYTHING at the moment.  Mad Men, United States of Tara and now Vampire Diaries!)  And he’s having  a bit of a moment.  He tells the girl that he’ll never be what the girl he loves (Elena) needs.  And bigger secret?  He craves humanity.  Yep, big bad Damon wants to be human.

And then he kills her.

OK now to the points of interest:

  1. Ok.  Damon and the cliffhanger.  There are a few problems I have with this.  First off, he wants to be human so that Elena can love him?   Fair enough.  But Elena was trying to get him to open up and instead he shrugged it off (men).  He could have gone into her loving arms and instead he went and killed someone.  We do have to remember though that Damon only wanted to turn into a vampire for love (for Katherine) and when he had turned and thought she’d died he stopped wanting it.  So while he plays the bad-ass vampire, his need for humanity is lurking deep down inside him.
  2. The other problem I have with this cliffhanger (other than the lack of sleep thinking about it!) is that Damon is evil.  Again.  I’m over that.  He started off the series being bad and then he turned bad at the start of season two.  Basically, he doesn’t cope well.  We get it.  But as a Delena fan I would like to see him GROW instead of just turning evil and drinking people’s blood etc etc.  It gets a bit old if we have to have him be evil, have Elena turn against him, him work his way back into her good books…and so on and so forth.
  3. The Tyler-Matt-Caroline love triangle.  Love it!  There needs to be more romance in this show (but not too much because then it becomes a bit incestuous a la Gossip Girl)!  But who to go for?  Personally, I’m for the Tyler/Caroline romance.  I know there is that complication of him possibly killing her, but isn’t that what this show is all about?! And while I do like Matt, like Mike Newton (though far less annoying), he was never going to win.  He’s fine but not when he’s compared against vampires and werewolves.  Who do you want to see get together?
  4. It seemed this episode that the circle is growing smaller.  No Bonnie, Jeremy, Aunt Jenna and to top if all off, Rose died!  Hmmm…
  5. I’d just like to add that I loved how they made it a bit scarier this episode.  Although…almost a little too scary (there were moments when I was cowering behind my hands)!  It brings back the suspense and drama of early-on in the first season.  Good memories.

Just a couple of questions…

  • What’s going to happen with Tyler and Caroline now the secret’s out?  And will he side with Jules?
  • What will Uncle John have to offer?
  • Will Damon stay bad or was that a once off?  Will anyone find out?
  • What became of the people that Jules killed?  Was they written off as kills done by Rose?
  • This one is the important one: does Damon want to become human because of Elena?  Or has he always wanted to become human?  and would Stefan change for Elena too?

(If you check out the books section you’ll see that in one of the latest books Damon is affected by a mystical flower intended for Stefan.  The flower causes Damon to turn back into a human.)

Phew!  Big post so let me know what you think!

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Who ARE the Originals?


Well, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is no different from any other-shocking revelations, killer cliffhangers and some TRULY heart-wrenching moments.

Firstly, the Originals.  Who are they, and why are they so powerful?  And if they are so awesome why are they working for Klaus?  For L J fans out there (or anyone who has read the book section of this blog), Klaus was the big bad vampire who taught Katherine to be the crazy psychopath that she is-and when he comes to town it almost kills BOTH of the Salvatore brothers to destroy him.  So when he pops up in the series (which he inevitably will) its going to be very…eep!

Speaking of Damon and Stefan, this episode really showed how much they have bonded…despite the fact that they both love the same girl (again. and that she is again a Petrova doppelganger. hmmm).  Poor Damon.  Ah that anguish when Elena is running down the stairs and he thinks she’s running to him and then realises no…she was looking at Stefan.  And then how he tells her that he loves her and then TAKES THE MEMORY AWAY!! Damn you writers, damn you Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, why do you have to be so cruel?  But I would like to add that Elena (who is definitely Elena this time, no pesky Katherine playing pretend) didn’t say anything negative, mostly because she was in shock…but it could be a positive for a few things.

Now. The Petrova doppelganger.  And that whole time Katherine (aka Katarina) was one?!?!  Does this mean there will be a bonding between the two girls (unlikely but still), and if they are the doppelgangers who is the original?  And why are they so hellbent on breaking the curse when they have their shiny protective rings? Ahh!!

Final small note…did anyone else feel something between Caroline and Tyler?  Or was that just me…

PS I would like to add that I thought that we weren’t going to end on a cliffhanger this week and the VD people would be nice.  Instead we’re left with Damon’s confession and Elijah coming back to life (although NOT that surprising, if vampire lore has taught us anything, its that the undead are REALLY hard to kill).

PPS Next episode is based on Katherine’s flashbacks about when she was turned.  Should be interesting…