If you’ve ever had a fight with your mum, and let’s be honest, it was over something really trivial (“No! Mother!  This skirt is NOT too short, it’s just the fashion these days!”  Anyway…) and then you felt bad, well…feel bad again.  Because let’s be honest, our mums could be worse.

Your mum could be like Leighton Meester’s mum, Constance…who is a craaazzzzy, selfish bitch.

Now, before you get all “you’re being so Gossip Girl” on my arse (tehehe), hear me out.

First off, Leighton Meester was actually born in a prison.  Why?  Because her ma was incarcerated over partaking in an illegal drug ring.  Whoops!  Bet you don’t feel so bad now when you think back to that that time your mum reminded you of her heyday huh?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Constance has now taken Leighton to court.

Say what?

Yep.  And why you ask? (I hope you ask at least, otherwise…why are you even reading this?)  Because Leighton Meester isn’t paying her enough.  And she wants her some more moolah.

Currently, Leighton WILLING started giving Constance $7,500 to pay for her younger brother’s medical fees (best. sister. ever. by the way).  But Constance says that Leighton agreed to pay $10,000 a month and she isn’t coughing up the dough.


WELL if that isn’t bad enough (but it is, it really is) Leighton had to go to court to prove the claims were untrue, and so her mum decided to take HER to court to prove that she was right.

This saga is still going on.  Although as Leighton Meester’s legal team have pointed out…ummm, she doesn’t have to give you ANYTHING yo crazy lady, she’s just doing it so out of the goodness of her kind, sisterly heart…and she doesn’t have to give you a cent if she doesn’t feel like it.

They make an excellent point.

What do you think?  Personally, I feel for the little brother who may end up with no more medical expenses because his mum was too greedy for her own good.  Here’s hoping not!

leighton meester

Why would you want to argue with this face?-(image taken from http://www.worldnews.inn.com)