Double Dexter: The Review

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As I wrote about a couple of months ago, Jeff Lindsay was working on the sixth book in the Dexter series, which follows our beloved serial killer as he continues to get himself in sticky situations…and then back out again.  Well, I finally bought Double Dexter last week and just finished reading it and, I have to say, it exceeded even my high expectations.

For those who haven’t read the book please be warned that the content below does contain some SPOILERS

While the Dexter series on television is based on the series created by Jeff Lindsay, many will know that after the first season the plot lines vary greatly; Rita is still alive, so is Doakes (but he’s missing a few key appendages) and Deborah has a child.  And, unlike the television series, which while played so well by Michael C. Hall, Dexter doesn’t have any conscience, or morals, or even love…which means that the storylines get better and better.

In Double Dexter, Dexter finds himself in an awkward predicament when he is witnessed by someone as he is cleaning up after a night of fun.  However, instead of calling the cops, the witness decides to keep the information to himself…and torture Dexter with it.

Early on, we learn that the witness has a weblog, which is how he communicates with Dexter (without revealing his identity, of course), and on it contains both taunts to infuriate and frustrate Dexter, as well as countless drivel about how much he hates the world and its evil ways, and in particular, his ex-wife whom he refers to as A.

Over time, Dexter tracks down where the witness lives, and he plans to return there later in the night to track down and kill him.  Unfortunately, when he gets there, he finds A chopped up into little pieces…in the same way that Dexter would have done himself…

While this is going on, someone around town has decided to take a hammer to Miami Dade’s finest; quite literally. Two cops, over a period of a couple of weeks, are found in public places, horribly disfigured and, well, dead.  It appears that the killer has taken a hammer to his victims and broken every bone in their body, while keeping them alive as long as possible and without causing any blood to spill.  Ouch.

However, over what seems like a very short period of time (and effort) Deb tracks down and finds the killer, while having to dodge the hammer herself and almost getting bludgeoned.  And while, as readers, we assume that this is the end of the hammer-killer, things turn out worse than expected when Camilla Figg is killed in what appears to be the same way.

Of course, this isn’t the hammer-killer at work, but rather Dexter’s Double, but unfortunately for Dexter no-one seems to think that way.  In fact, since its revealed that Camilla had a huge crush on Dexter and kept hundreds of photos of him, most people seem to think that Dexter was, in fact, the killer.

Ironic, considering for once Dexter hadn’t broken the law.

Personally, what I like about the book series as opposed to the television show is the lack of morals that Dexter has.  He understands that he is a serial killer, and that overall he isn’t a very nice fellow, but Jeff Lindsay, with his writing qualities, makes us want to side with him anyway.  On top of that, I find that Dexter’s character actually is quite likeable.  Sure, he kills people which isn’t great, but he also has the same problems and emotions that everyone else does.  He thinks the same irritated thoughts that we think, but don’t say, but on top of that, he does so in a very, very humorous way.

Jeff Lindsay’s writing seems to get better and better, and while there were occasional bits in the book which I found somewhat unnecessary, overall he has once again written a story revolving around a character that we should find repulsive and horrific, but instead we walk away laughing and shaking our heads.

Well, that’s what I did anyway.

Overall, I give this book 4.5/5

What did you think?  Have you read any of Jeff Lindsay’s books?  Do you like the books, or the television show, better?  Let me know!

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Dexter: Just Let Go

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Out of interest, was anybody else jumping for joy (both figuratively and literally) when Dexter decided to go native and kill that guy, angry-man style?  I know I was.  Because, as terrible as this sounds, and I’m sure my morals just went down the drain, it’s refreshing to see Dexter care about something…anything, and then take his anger out on the person responsible.

Now, before I get ahead of myself know that this is a SPOILER ALERT and if you haven’t seen the episode “Just Let Go”, I’d advise you to shield your eyes, and/or find your nearest television screen and start watching.

This week started where last week finished, with Dexter finding out that Brother Sam has been shot three times, and while on his way to hospital, is pretty much screwed.  Despite vowing in his head to finish whoever had the nerve to harm his friend, Dexter tells Debra that he’s cool to do the blood work…where he quickly figures out just what happened to Brother Sam.

His initial thoughts are towards Leo Hernandez, a shaddy guy who is the gang leader of the old group that newly-reformed Nick belonged to.  Considering that he’d turned up at Brother Sam’s garage a few episodes back, and Dexter had to (“had to”) attack him with a baseball bat, you can see where Dexter is coming from.

However, before he has the time to put Leo on his shiny slicing table (where have you been these last few weeks shiny slicing table?  I’m beginning to get nostalgic towards plastic sheeting it’s been so long), Detective Anderson (new guy; big, black, bit of a bad-arse and probably the next guy Debra’s going to sleep with) comes to the same conclusion and rocks up to Leo’s house, which leads to a shoot-out and Leo being killed…without Dexter’s help.

While Miami Metro come to the conclusion that Leo is the killer, particularly when they find the missing DVD showing footage of the shooting, Dexter thinks definitely.  Why?  Well, because in the shooting scene the killer doesn’t get barked at by the dog…and that dog barks at everyone…except Nick.

Oh, and Brother Sam briefly awakes from his coma to tell Dexter that Nick killed him and that he forgives him.  But still.  Dexter worked it out himself BEFORE that conversation!  He IS a smart cookie after all.

At the same time that all this is going on, Batista and Quinn are continuing to work on the Doomsday Killer case, where they learn that Charisa, AKA that girl that Quinn slept with last episode, is the key witness in the case.  Partially because she used to be super tight with Gellar (Travis’ sidekick) and also because she was used in a weird religious re-anactment that involved her lying naked with a dead sheep draped over her.  Right.

However, before they can get any juicy morsels of information off her, Quinn manages to piss her off, causing her to spill the beans in front of Debra that they slept together…before she leaves in a fuss.

Of course, Debra is pretty pissed off, partially because Quinn and her were almost engaged, and largely because he could very well have screwed up the case because he was too busy screwing the key witness.

If that doesn’t make things awkward enough, when Deb throws a party that night Quinn turns up drunk with another girl, and then proceeds to hit on Jaime, Harrison’s babysitter and Batista’s little sister, which results in Batista punching him in the face and Quinn drunkenly asking Deb if she ever loved him.

Works going to be fun on Monday!

The Doomsday killers in question, Travis and Gellar, have a girl locked up whom they have labelled a “whore” (really-they’re against the whole one night stand on this season’s episode of Dexter, aren’t they?) and who is in agony after her arm was broken.  Throughout the episode Travis shows empathy for the girl, who has a chid, even asking Gellar if he can give her painkillers for her arm (Gellar refuses.  Typical).  However, when the big scene where he’s meant to brand her (branding.  Awful.  Even for Dexter) comes around, Travis instead he drives her to the beach…and sets her free.


Speaking of beaches…Dexter confronts Nick, who appears to be remorseful when he finds out that Brother Sam died at the hospital.  However, when Dexter urges him to give himself into the beach, Nick starts laughing maniacally, declaring that there is nothing anyone can do now and he’ll never get caught.

Well.  Dexter didn’t like that.  And honestly, you can see where he’s coming from.  Dexter, in a rage, tackles Nick into the surf where he holds him under, until he has drowned and died, where he proceeds to walk away.  However, before he gets very far he is confronted by the ghost of his dead brother Brian (flashback all the way back to season one) who ends the episode with:

“Hey little brother, miss me?”

So what did you think of this week’s episode?  Are you glad that Brian is back?  Will he help lead Dexter back into his familiar darkness, particularly now that Brother Sam is no longer around to guide him?  Are you sad that Mos Def isn’t going to be around anymore?  What about Deb?  Do you think she’ll continue to see the psychiatrist, and will this cause her to see herself, or Dexter differently?  And do you think that Travis can be turned around, or is he as bad as we think he is?

Let me know!


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Dexter: Smokey and The Bandit


Woah.  Yes, I just wrote the word woah.  Please keep reading.  It’s extreme, yes, but so was last night’s episode of Dexter, no?  I think woah pretty much covers it.

This week’s episode of Dexter, Smokey and The Bandit, reminded us that even when things get a little dull for Dexter, someone out there is plotting some crazy killings to get us back into the thick of things.

And may I say, I think the ending to last night’s episode was probably the creepiest killing we’ve ever seen on the show.  Not as creepy as the books (Jeff Lindsay, you will always have the role of crazy sicko who provides me with entertainment), but definitely spine-chilling.

Before I get into details though, for those who haven’t seen this episode this is a SPOILER ALERT.

So this week’s episode had three main storylines: Dexter and his obsession with the “tooth fairy”, Deb’s dramas surrounding her new job, and Travis and his religious buddy.

As we know, Deb has just been promoted to Lieutenant, which has a better pay and sounds good, but involves a lot of paper work and bossing people around.  Definitely the type of thing that La Guerta loves…but not Deb.  If that wasn’t hard enough, she also refused Quinn’s proposal and they split up…and he thinks it’s because of her promotion.  Awkward.

Typical of La Guerta, she tried to bully Deb into picking her choice of new detective, but Deb refused…and instead is going for a big, black guy who has a serious attitude problem.  So what will we have in store for him?  Or will he just conveniently be this season’s love interest for Deb?

Little rant:  I honestly have to say I’m getting a bit sick of Deb’s character.  I feel like we are into the sixth season and she is still the same swearing, manly character as episode one.  She’s not happy in her job, she continually changes men…and then she whines about it.  If  Dexter writers are reading this…PLEASE give her an interesting storyline.  Pretty please!

Story arch number two:  Dexter and the Tooth Fairy.  We learn that a hooker has been killed and it looks like someone tried to take her tooth…but didn’t succeed.  This killing reminded him of his high-school hero; a serial killer who took a tooth from each of his victim’s as a trophy.  Yeah…Dexter was a bit of a weirdo when he was a kid (well…just generally really…).  Anyway, Dexter figures that the Tooth Fairy would have to be a senior citizen, which leads him to Walter…a cranky, pain-in-the-arse, generally awful all-round, old man whom Dexter attempts to befriend.

Of course, Walter, being the crafty killer that he is, soon learns about Dexter’s past and pulls a gun on him…But, Dexter being the ninja superstar that he is, manages to capture him anyway.  What follows?  Dexter learns that his hero wasn’t all that great, and that he actually is different from him…and so decides to kill him in an un-glorified way.  Genius.

The best bit of this arch I thought was when Dexter returns to his house and looks at his own trophies: glass sides containing blood of his victims in chronological order.  Dexter drops the box by accident, causing them to be scattered out of order…a moment that Michael C. Hall convincingly portrays as almost heart-breaking.  Perhaps a metaphor that Dexter can’t keep his slides in order in the same way he can’t keep control of his life?

And…the final arch.  Our religious duo who enjoy killing people in particularly gruesome ways.  This week’s victim was an unfortunate runner who went to help out Travis who appeared hurt…and wound up tied up in a basement of sorts.  (Once again, people who run always end up getting killed…this is not a coincidence.)  Travis tells the runner that he will be released if he begs for forgiveness…but of course it never ends that way.

Instead, the last we see of the runner is when four painted horses are set off down a main street…and his body parts (head included of course) are attached to the dummies that are riding them.  Yes, a mental image that is as lovely as it sounds.

An interesting point that some people have noticed is that Edward James Olmos’ character only appears in scenes when Travis is alone.  He hasn’t interacted with anyone else yet.  Perhaps this is a sign that Travis has made up the character in his head and he doesn’t really exist?  Something to ponder…

What did you think of this week’s episode of Dexter?  Good?  Bad?  Particularly gruesome?  Are you liking the baddies this season or is it getting a bit dull and repetitive?  Please let me know!


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Dexter: Season Six Premiere

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OK, OK, I know I went on and on about how the first episode of season six of Dexter wasn’t to begin until October 2nd, but…it somehow got leaked on the internet and somehow was watched by me.  I KNOW!  I’m a bad fan girl aren’t I?  But in my defence someone, somewhere, put it up online, then somehow my friend got ahold of the link and sent it to me…and that link miraculously worked.

So REALLY, it would be pissing off the TV gods to do anything BUT watch it, don’t you think?

Moving along.  Below I will talk about this episode (which was Ah-mazing for the record), but for those poor, conscience filled souls who have to wait until Sunday…well, this is a SPOILER ALERT, and I suggest running away (preferably screaming) and returning here at a later date.

For those who are corrupt like I and have already watched the episode illegally…let the discussions begin.

So, Dexter starts off a year after Season Five ended (when Lumen cruelly left him after he did all the legwork); and he is feeling FINE.  He’s killed a whole bunch of guys (particularly two evil paramedics who harvest bodies.  And how did he kill them?  Via electrocution through their own defibrillators.  Method killer, I like it.), Harrison is almost about to attend pre-school and Deb is still none the wiser.  Life is good for Dexter.

Back to now.  So the main focus on this episode is Dexter’s high school reunion, where he plans on going to track down his nemesis Joe Walker, and which yields hilarious results.  Don’t get me wrong, Dexter successfully kills the guy (via a hammer.  He likes to shake things up a bit doesn’t he?) but he also finds out that being attractive at 40, having a successful, if somewhat gory, job and being the centre of a tragedy makes you really popular…and leads to random head jobs in his old school classroom.

Like I said, things are looking good for Dexter.

Like every season past, there are the central baddies that we, as the audience, know about, but watch with a sort of detached dramatic irony as the good guys scramble around trying to put two and two together.  And while there have been some pretty nasty guys in the past (Ice-truck killer? That scene in the ice-rink?  Toughie to beat), the pair of Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos (he’s from Battlestar Galactica) look up to the challenge.  Hellbent on sending a spiritual message (and not the loving, giving Jesus-kind), they kill a poor, unsuspecting fruit vendor, leave his intestines behind, and fill his body with seven tiny snakes that wiggle their way out when Dexter and the crew find the body.

Just. Ew.

So what else is going on in Dexter so far?  Lt. LaGuerta and Angel Bartista are conveniently divorced a year later, and LaGuerta has manipulated her way into the position of Captain.  Angel’s little sister is looking after Harrison who is trying to get into a religious pre-school (even though Dexter believes religion is a load of hoo-ey) and Deborah and Quinn are going great.

So great that Quinn almost proposes to her…until they accidentally become involved in a shoot-out, and Deb gets shot herself…(don’t worry!  She’s fine)

What do I think?

So far Dexter has lived up to the anticipation I’ve had for the past six months.  I think that his bond with Deborah is going to grow, to the point that she may find out about his “dark passenger”…but the results of that I can’t even begin to guess.  I’m glad Lumen is out of the scene, mostly because she broke poor Dexter’s heart and therefore I will hate her always, and I think that this season’s baddies are particularly gruesome.

The only thing that I’m not too happy about is how conveniently Astor and Cody have split the scene, and how Dexter being a father isn’t really that much of an issue in the grand scheme of things…but understandable at the same time.

Oh!  One last thing.  Isn’t it nice to see Dexter in a nice mood for a change?

What do you think?  Are you happy with the season premiere?  Is it as good as the previous seasons, or the book series by Jeff Lindsay for that matter?  Please let me know in the comments!


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Gossip Girl Season Five

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It’s that lovely time of year, television fans.  In the US, their Summer is over, Autumn has come around again and therefore all those rich actors who earn butt loads per episode are back from their exotic holidays (which their butt loads of money paid for) and forced to go back to work for our petty entertainment.

Sucks for them, but fantastic for us.  Particularly for us Aussies who have excellent viewing coming up, without the impending doom that is winter (sorry US!)

As readers will know, Vampire Diaries started up last weekend, Dexter is scheduled for only ten days away (but who’s counting?) and even Archer (sorry, I don’t have anything on Archer on this website, but if you’re interested send me a line) started last week.

And now Gossip Girl has arrived.  Hurray!  Well…almost.  The premiere for Season Five is scheduled for September 26th in the US, so if you’re a savvy internet goer (read: illegal downloader) you can access it the next day.  Yes!!

So far, Season Five will be set in both New York AND Los Angeles (read above information about sunny holidays rich people go on) and there has been a whisper that Dan and Blair may get back together…which Chuck suitably does NOT like at all.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.  I’m particularly interested in what you think about Liz Hurley going all cougar on the beautiful Nate (seriously, how can she “hook up” with Chace Crawford and then go home to Shane Warne?  It is beyond me).



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As you may have gotten from the title of this entry THERE ARE GOING TO BE BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.



As in, as big as the time I was spoiled and found out that Rita died in season four of Dexter

And it concerns True Blood.

OK, so you have been forewarned.  You can either read on ahead to find out who snuffed it in Season Four of True Blood, or you get run away quickly, watch it on TV and then come back and discuss.

Alright.  For those who are still with me, how ya doing?  Ready to have your mind blown?

Now, I’m not sure if you heard the rumours that were circulating, but Alan Ball let loose that the blood was going to hit the fan (metaphorically speaking) in the finale of season four of True Blood.  He was not wrong.  He did not lie.  There was death, and blood…but I don’t think there was a fan (please correct me if I were wrong).

So who dies?  Just like in the episode before the season finale of Vampire Diaries, a few people quickly and unexpectedly die.

First up, was Jesus Velasquez who first appeared in season three as Lafayette’s love interest.  He’s mexican, a nurse and, as revealed in season four, also a Wiccan student under crazy witch Marnie.  So how does he meet his demise?  He’s stabbed by Lafayette…whose being controlled by previously mentioned crazy Marnie.  Damn.

Secondly, is Nan Flanagan, who is the spokeswoman for vampires across America.  She has been on the series since episode once, but only sporadically recurred until season four when she became a regular and it as revealed that she was actually not as nice as she appears on television…She meets her unfortunate end when Bill decides to take a big ol’ bite of her.  Yum yum!

And thirdly, and this is the big one that is shrouded in mystery…is Tara, Sookie’s best friend.  At the very end when Debbie Pelt (Alcide’s psychotic ex) goes to shoot Sookie, Tara steps in and saves the day…but has her head blown off in the process.  Sookie, obviously outraged at Debbie, whips out a shotgun and kills Debbie to hell.

But there is still the question of whether or not Tara is dead.  Sure, she’s missing her head, but she may return as a ghost, or a vampire, or some other mythical being conjured up by Alan Ball and his team.  Even Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara, has been very coy about the whole thing:

I don’t know what they have in store for next season. I haven’t seen any scripts, so I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m either at death’s door, or I’m gone. That’s scary for an actor, but if my time has come, then my time has come — and what a way to go, saving your best friend’s life. It’s pretty cool that everyone’s going to be going, ‘Is she, or isn’t she?’ I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. I could be a ghost, I could die — it’s in the hands of our wonderful writers and the creative mind of Alan Ball.

So what do you think about the season finale?  Are you sad about who died?  Do you think that Tara will still be around in Season Five?

Let me know!

true blood

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Pay Up Or I’ll Chop You Up

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If he were in character, I’m sure this is EXACTLY what Michael C. Hall would have said when he started negotiating with Showtime people about his contract.

Basically, the man wants more money.  At the moment his contract with Dexter is set to expire October 2nd (when season six starts) so if he so wants to he could run away and never chop up a single bad guy every again (saddest. thought. ever)

For the record,  I looked it up and Michael C. Hall earns about $350,000 AN EPISODE (knew there was a reason why I loved him…)  Yes.  This is a huge, ridiculous amount of money.  But let’s be honest.  Actors are used to being paid a huge, ridiculous amount of money, and usually the amount is even more huge and ridiculous.  Charlie Sheen when he was on Two and A Half Men anyone?  (And just between you and me, let’s be honest, who does more work between Charlie Sheen and Michael C. Hall?)

In conclusion.  Pay up Showtime guys because I don’t want Dexter to finish.  Not yet.  I need to come to terms with it emotionally loonnnnggg before it happens.

But will Michael C. Hall quit Dexter?  Well…maybe.  At the moment there are rumours circulating that he is seriously considering taking the lead role in the Broadway production of Big Fish.  Supposedly, Hugh Jackman was the man for the role but he’s got other stuff he’s got to do (or something like that).

Now,  I understand why Michael C. Hall would be perfect for Broadway.  He can sing.  He can dance.  He can act.  Plus, look at him.  He wouldn’t even need to be able to do those three things.

But…if he’s on Broadway then he can’t be on my television screen, chopping up bodies.  And I don’t live in America so no Broadway for me.  Tough decisions…

What do you think?  Do you think Michael C. Hall should be paid extra?  Or should he return to Broadway?

Let me know!

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