The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: The Departed


So…I know it has been a while, but let’s be honest, the show got a bit boring.  Vampires stopped doing it for me, people who should of gotten killed off weren’t, while perfectly likeable (although evil) characters were.

But this week things got interesting.  Alright, I’m going to only say this once but it was the season finale of The Vampire Diaries so this is a massive SPOILER ALERT.

And seriously, this is the type of stuff you want to witness first hand.

In all honesty, I can’t be bothered recapping.  You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, and if you haven’t you either didn’t pay any attention to my spoiler alert or somehow stumbled onto this page by accident (it’s OK, it’s the Internet and it happens to everyone).


The biggest?  Elena Gilbert, she who is not Isabella Swan, is now a vampire.

OH SNAP!  Terrifically unexpected, since, last it was brought up (approximately a season ago) Elena didn’t want to be a vampire.  She wanted to grow old, get married and have lots of children.  How she thought this was possible considering she was in love with not one, but two, vampires is beyond me, but there you go.

Yet now she’s a vampire.

Which conveniently leads us to point number two:

Alaric is DEAD.  The invincible was actually vincible (?) and just after he killed Klaus (OH!  We’ll get to that), which was just before he almost killed Damon…he died.

And he even got to say something nice to Jeremy in ghost form.  Awww.

Thirdly.  Klaus, as in vampire Klaus, is dead.  So…why did he seem to return in the form of Tyler?  Is Tyler dead?  Or is Klaus Tyler? How did this happen?  And what does this mean?  (Dammit, it’s like the ending of Source Code all over again)  And…hilarious love triangle plot twist (remember this is what we wanted), Klaus will be dating Caroline in Tyler’s body.  WHHAAAAA???

Damon-Elena-Stefan.  Elena finally decided.  She went for Stefan, because, at the end of the day, he got in first.  He saved her life, made her realise what she wanted from it, etc etc, hero worship blah.

Except he didn’t.  Well he did, let’s not take that away from the guy, but Damon actually got in first.  He creepily appeared from out of the darkness (seriously, I know he’s hot, but that shit doesn’t fly in reality), gave her some life advice, flirted a little (oh Damon, you minx!) and then erased it all from her memory.

So…she doesn’t know that he came first.

So what’s on for season four?

Elena’s a vampire.  Elijah is back.  Damon came first, but Stefan is the only one that made an impression (literally).  Tyler may or may not be dead.  Klaus may or may not be dead.  and ELENA IS A VAMPIRE.


If you don’t have any, I’m disappointed.

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The Vampire Diaries: Our Town


Buckle up Vampire Diaries fans, this week the writers gave us a bit to wonder, even if we were only subjected to few gory deaths (hybrids don’t really count anymore do they?) Stelena?  Delena?  Good Doctor Fell?  Bad Doctors Fell?

And so the questions come.

This week, the main storyline was once again surrounded around the dance of revenge between our favourite hybrid overlord/villain Klaus and boring-good-vampire-who’s-just-started-getting-interesting Stefan.  Basically,  Stefan has Klaus’ dead family and there’s nothing Klaus can do about it.  Na na na na na.

On top of that, Stefan has demanded that Klaus get his minions to leave town, otherwise he’s going to start dumping vampire loved ones in the ocean.  Starting with Elijah (Noooo!!).  Of course, Klaus thinks he’s bluffing and threatens to kill everyone Stefan has ever met (which, let’s be honest, is starting to get old.  Partially because he keeps saying it and nothing has happened, but also the fact that it seems highly unlikely Klaus would kill EVERYONE that Stefan has EVER met.  That’s a whole lot of people).

Stefan, being the recently turned badass that he is, decides to use Elena as a pawn in his evil twisted game.  He makes her drink his blood and tells Klaus he’s going to drive her off the old town bridge, where her parents (and nearly her) died, thus rendering her useless to Klaus.  Surprisingly, Klaus folds first.

At the same time that this is going on, Caroline, for possibly the first time in the series, is feeling a touch of melancholia  (perhaps she saw that new Lars von Trier film?  I don’t know).  She’s celebrating her 18th birthday, but she died at 17.  Downer.  Of course, when Tyler is compelled to bite her, almost sealing her death, she starts to re-evaluate.  Really, being immortal at 17 is far better than dying when you’ve just turned 18 (sorta).

Luckily, Klaus decided to be the knight in shimmering armour and gives her his blood, thus curing her from a slow and painful death.  Side note, he also gave her a very shiny and expensive bracelet for her birthday.  WTF?

Finally, Delena, which seemed within reach last week after they kissed…has been put on the shelf…again.

Elena: “It’s not right.”

Damon:  “No, it’s just not right NOW”


So what are my thoughts for this week?

Honestly, I have come to the conclusion that I have some sort of bad-boy attraction complex going on.  I’ve been attracted to Damon for over two seasons, but now that he is acting all calm and patient and loving towards Elena I’m starting to lose interest.  Awks.

On top of that, even though the way Stefan behaved was unacceptable, it was also incredibly sexy.  FINALLY, he’s being the pro-active one and tackling Klaus.  Sure, he’s been an ass along the way, but he does get the job done, doesn’t he?

On a romantic note, did anyone else feel a little something-something with Klaus and Caroline?  And if that’s the case, I feel that Caroline needs a good shaking.  It may have appeared nice of him to save her life, but the only reason she was in jeopardy was because he forced her ex-boyfriend (who is only her ex because he had his will taken away from him by Klaus) to bite her.  And if she is the type of girl who is swayed by pretty jewellery, well…bad Caroline.  It wasn’t even from Tiffany’s.

Finally…is anyone else just waiting for Bonnie to disappear/die/or just leave the show?  I know I am.  Same with Matt.  It’s mean, but I don’t really care.


What does Klaus plan on doing with Caroline?  Will she develop feelings for him?

Will something happen between Stefan and Elena now that he has bought up that he knows he lost her?  Or will she realise that she’s actually been over Stefan for a long time and she CAN get with Damon?

Is Doctor Fell good or bad?  Was she behind the bloody murder (with a stake no less) of her once prom date from hell?  And how will this factor for Alaric?

Will Jeremy return?

What will happen to Tyler?

Also, little fun fact:  I have been informed that hottie doctor Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) is actually the wife of Paul Wesley, aka Stefan Salvatore.  Nice work Stefan.  That girl is gorgeous!   (Just imagine the children!)

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The Vampire Diaries: The New Deal


Vampire Diaries fan, we can rejoice.  Our favourite vampires (television vampires that is…) came back to grace our screens about weeks of deprivation.  Sure, those weeks were filled with parties, New Year’s Eve and lots of Christmas food and company, but does that make us any less happy that it’s back on TV?  Of course not.

Even more so, we FINALLY took a step in the right direction is getting what we’ve all wanted for the past two and a half seasons.  But before we divulge (oh yes, there will be divulging), check out Kim’s post HERE for the full summary of this week’s episode, The New Deal.

So basically this week we had the big story arch of how Stefan is trying to piss off Klaus by stealing his dead family from him.  Of course this doesn’t go according to plan.  Well it does, but not really.  See, in case there are any viewers out there that haven’t noticed yet, Klaus gets cranky when he doesn’t get his way.  Heck, he killed his own mum and framed his dad because she didn’t particularly like him.

So, due to Stefan’s diabolical plan (with some help from Bonnie, and eventually Damon (they’re on good terms again BTW)), Klaus decides to get even and almost gets Jeremy killed, which surprise surprise, scares the hell out of Elena.

What happens as a result was both rushed, and surprising.  After Jeremy complains about the fact that he will never have a safe, normal life again, Elena and Damon come to the realisation that actually, he can, but it means leaving them all.  After being compelled by Damon, Jeremy chooses to leave town, stay with friends, and most importantly, forget everything that has been going down in Mystic Falls.

One thing that I didn’t particularly like about this (aside from the fact that such for an important scene, it only went for about three minutes) is that it seems so easy.  Why hadn’t they thought about it before?  And why aren’t they doing it for others, like Matt?

However, I’m sure the thing that every viewer was thinking about was THE KISS.  After weeks and weeks of teasing, flirting, heated stares and innuendos, Damon and Elena kissed.

That’s right.  Delena is starting to happen.

Of course, Elena now knows that Stefan isn’t evil anymore, but she kissed back.  And OK, Damon left before she could say anything, but he did tell her how he feels about her.  Progress people.

One thing though.  While I am ecstatic that this has finally happened, it did seem a little lacklustre.  Season one kiss was far better for instance (even if it was a case of mistaken identity).  Plus, Stefan is starting to get more interesting now that he has released his dark, interesting side (James Dean hair or no.  For the record TVD hairstylists, only James Dean can get away with James Dean hair.  Noted?  OK, good).  So part of me wants him to try and get Elena back in a typical badass kind of way.  Anyone else agree?

What did you think about this episode?  Are you still team Delena or are you back to Stelena?  Or are you sick of the both of them and need a new cute guy to arrive?  Where were Caroline and Matt this episode?  Will you miss Jeremy?  Do you think a new romance will blossom between Alaric and hot doctor lady?  Let me know in the comments!

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The Vampire Diaries: Ordinary People


Have you ever started dating someone, and you’re maybe a month or two in, when everything has gone to hell in a hand basket?  Yep?  And I bet a little part of you thought “what a waste of my time!  I wish I had never gone through that at all!” It’s OK, I think we’ve all thought it.

Well, imagine siding with the wrong guy for ONE THOUSAND YEARS, and then realising that, whoops!  He’s the baddie after all.  Yes, that was the subject matter that we were dealing with this week on The Vampire Diaries.

This week we’re going to go into a little more detail, but like usual, if you want to check out Kim’s website HERE I more than encourage you to! (As long as you come back of course).

Now are we ready?  Please make sure your socks are hiked up, your hats are on tight and all your personal belongings are stowed away safely.  Here. We. Go.

So this week’s episode starts off with Alaric showing Elena those really, really old pictures on the wall of the Lockwood caves down in their basement.  So what do they mean?  Well, with a little bit of decoding, Dan Brown style, Alaric learns the words for Witch, Werewolf and Vampire.  Which is all very well and good, but we’ve put two and two together that witches, werewolves and vampires hang out together (whether they like it or not).  Although…one bit of juicy information that did learn?  Michael, AKA vampire hunter extraordinaire, is actual one of the Originals.  Yep, he’s Papa Michael to Rebecca, Elijah and…Klaus.  And you thought your relationship with your parents was bad.

So…while Alaric, alongside Bonnie (and might I mention, the sexual tension in the air?  I could be going out on a loony limb here, but I sensed Alaric was hitting on Bonnie a little, now that she is single from the conveniently missing Jeremy.  Anyone else?  Yes? No?), try to piece the bits of the puzzle together, Elena decides to go directly to the source and ask Rebecca what the go is with Papa Michael.  Why do they hate him?  Why does he hate them?

Through a series of flashbacks we learn some interesting things:

1) The Originals were once human.  That’s right, they weren’t born vampires, in fact they weren’t even born in America (that clears up that whole sketchy accent thing).

2) Michael was a jackarse.  Sure, I bet he was just looking out for his children, blah blah blah, but he did it in a jackarse kinda way.  Do not approve.

3) (This is a biggie).  The Original witch turned the family into vampires as a way to protect themselves from the werewolves, and pretty much anything else that could kill them.  The Original witch being their mum.  Well…that at least explains the name.

4) When Klaus was turned into a vampire, his werewolf-y side came out as well, which made things super awkward for the family, because Papa Michael put two and two together and realised that Mama Witch was a bit of a whore and slept with a werewolf, thus creating the hybrid we all know and love as Klaus.

5) Michael was so outraged that he killed Mama Witch, even though she had turned her back on Klaus and created the spell so that he couldn’t turn.

Well, that’s what Rebecca and Elijah though.  Until Elena (of course it’s Elena who works this out), through the pictures on the cave, realised that in fact it was KLAUS who had killed his mum (she did create him and then turn her back on him…ouch) and then lied to Elijah and Rebecca so that they hated Papa Michael alongside him.  Yeah.  Awks.

On the other side of town, Damon has decided to release Stefan from his Dungeon of Doom so they can have a night of fun, blood and booze.  As you do.  While Stefan thinks there is a catch and he will invariably get in trouble (he sorta did, Damon did beat him up a little) Damon basically wanted to show him what freedom felt like.

This of course had its silver lining when Michael rocks up (yep, he’s still around) and manages to get Stefan to get Klaus back in town (by almost killing Damon.  I have to say, for immortals they seem to be killed relatively easily enough). So therefore, Stefan is back on our side, with or without his humanity.

So where do we stand?  The usual scooby gang are hating on Klaus (Elena, Damon, Alaric etc), but now Rebecca seems likely to turn on him, and Stefan is back in the good books.

Really, all we need is for someone to track down Elijah, wake him from the dead and get him to fight too…he’s bound to be pissed at Klaus after all.

Oh yeah, and the crazy, jackarse Papa Michael…who says he knows how to kill Klaus…

Thoughts?  What did you think of this week’s episode?  Do you think that Stefan will be good for long, or will Klaus somehow work out it’s a trap?  Let me know!

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The Vampire Diaries: Ghost World


Here we go again.  This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled Ghost World (not Ghost Busters sadly, because I’m sure that would have caused a few giggles) focused, unsurprisingly, on the number of ghosts that decided to hang around Mystic Falls.

Because in a town where vampires, werewolves and witches are the norm, it really wouldn’t be complete with a few vengeful ghosts, now would it?

You all know the drill by now, for a full play-by-play check out Kim’s blog HERE and then scurry back over here (figuratively that is-thank goodness for the internet).

So the agenda for this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is, of course, ghosts.  We’ve got vengeful ghosts, lusty ghosts and ghosts that just want to help out in any way they can (via large amounts of violence of course).  Since we had ghosts we of course had to step back a bit into the past and welcome back Anna, Lexi, Masen and…Frederick (more on that random later).  This had its bonuses of course (Lexi!  Yay!) but it also had its negatives…

First off, to the bromances in this episode.  We always feel a bit down when Damon has somehow alienated himself from the other guys in town, as he recently did when he (temporarily) killed Alaric.  No harm done of course, but Alaric was fairly insulted and as such, their witty banter has been missing from our screens.

Until this week.  But before we get there, we had the unlikely duo of Damon and Ghost Masen, the werewolf that Damon killed (he ripped out his heart if I recall correctly…yum) last season.  And while the start of the episode gives the impression that he’s around to reek havoc (he chains up Damon, puts a couple of hot pokers in his stomach and burns him with the sun…), very quickly he agrees to help Damon in his quest to kill Klaus.  So how does he do this?

Surprise, surprise, there is a new lead (an ambiguous, confusing, what the hell does THAT mean? lead) to destroying Klaus…which is conveniently located under the old Lockwood residence in the dungeon.  Only problem is?  Damon can’t access it because he’s forbidden from entering (I do enjoy it when they pretend to know the vampire rules and occasionally enforce them) and Masen disappears back to the “great unknown”.

Enter Alaric.  After receiving a somewhat dodgy, but I’m sure was very heartfelt, apology from Damon, Alaric heads down to the Dungeon of Doom and finds a bunch of…hieroglyphs on the wall.

Huh? (I don’t know either.  That’s where the episode ended, and typically, The TVD writers will make us wait until next week to get to the bottom of that one).

In a basement somewhere else, Lexi has tied up Sexy Stefan and compelled him to believe that he has gone years without drinking any blood.  The result?  Not very pretty.  Aside from all the snarky comments that he directs towards Elena, he has COMPLETELY ruined his nice shirt with all that sweat.  Oh, and the fact that Lexi keeps stabbing him with a giant wooden pole probably doesn’t help matters either.

She too, alongside Masen (and all of the ghosts in town, but I’ll get to that) goes poof!  before she can finish what she started…leaving Elena to the challenge of making Sexy Stefan un-sexy (but also not a serial killer, so you know, it’s all relative).  So can she do it?  Last week we saw her turn Buffy on his arse, and we all squealed and clapped with glee, but this week she has appeared to have returned to her former, Stefan-loving self.  Perhaps we will see a mixture of two in the near future?  She somehow rids Stefan of his rippah ways, but does it in a totally bad-arse, vampire-hating way.  Thoughts?

So, as you may have asked yourselves, what’s with all the ghosts?  Well, according to Bonnie’s witchy sources, she pissed someone, somewhere off big time when she brought Jeremy back to life, and now they’re playing with her.  When Matt brought Vicky back to life (briefly) a witch “on the other side” allowed all the other ghosts to return as well…

Yeah.  Not good.  Surprisingly though, except for some poor unfortunate nobody who becomes a corpse in a tree (there’s always one), courtesy of Fredrick, one of the tomb vampires, almost no bad comes of it.

Well except for the fact that Anna and Jeremy are caught kissing…officially ending Beremy (*cough* long overdue *cough*).  But let’s be honest, she was really just using him to find her mum and return to “the other side” so that was bound to happen anyway…

So where does this leave us?  Like usual, with more questions than answers (thanks Kevin Williamson and co).  Stefan is still bad, but with a little elbow grease he could be converted; Klaus COULD be killed via Michael (who was strangely absent this episode, even though he declared last week he would track down and kill Klaus), or these strange hieroglyphs…whatever they are.

Forwood is up in the air because Tyler was not in this week’s episode, so one has to make the assumption he has turned back and is feasting on some unfortunate human alongside Rebecca.  Beremy is over, but Damon and Alaric are back (how come we don’t have a nickname for them yet guys? Dalaric? Alarom?)…and Elena doesn’t know who she wants.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?  Hit or miss?  Did you like any of the characters that came back for the week, or did you think it was all a bit pointless?  Let me know in the comments!

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The Vampire Diaries: Smells Like Teen Spirit


“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous, here we our now, entertain us.  I feel stupid, and contagious, here we are now, entertain us…”

It brings back a feeling of nostalgia, doesn’t it?  Before you Vampire Diaries fans get your hopes up, no Nirvana was played in this week’s episode.  We did however get a blown up car, girl power and a whole bunch of teen spirits (geddit?)

For those who are still lagging behind and haven’t watched the episode yet (I won’t judge, its the time of semester for us kids in Australia) check out Kim’s blog HERE for the usual romping recap that we all enjoy.

For those who, like me, ditched study for an hour of vampire goodness (oh and what goodness it was this week!) and have seen the episode, onwards and upwards (downwards?) we proceed.

So.  We had the love interests this week; perhaps Kevin Williamson and Julic Plec heard how disgruntled we were by last week’s lack of love?  First there was Ripper Stefan and Elena.  There was Tyler and Caroline.  Tyler and Rebecca. Damon and Elena. Anna and Jeremy.  Jeremy and Bonnie.  Potentially Matt and Bonnie. Gah.  I know.  I’ll slow down.

Now, those who are regulars here at Set In Motion know that we like our boys to be a little bad-not bad enought that they’d actually DO something (in our presence at least) but bad enough that we go “Mmmm-hmm!”  You get what I’m saying?

Thought so.  And so far, Damon has been has been the baddie who has graced our screens through Vampire Diaries.  Well, not anymore.  Stefan; “vegetarian” blood drinker, hair shaper and pouter had his conscience removed last week and now he’s baddddddd. Very bad.  As in “let’s play bloody Twister random girls before I eat you!” bad.

And while, in reality, this would be a bit worrying, in the fictional world it’s fantastic because now we kinda want Stelena to happen again (shhhhh).  Anyone else agree?

Then we have the original bad boy Damon, who while now fighting for good, still retains the sexiness of the past, what with the heated glances and lingering touches that he bestows on Elena (which he did twice this episode…before Alaric decided to barge in.  Typical).  So we kinda want Delena.

So much to ponder.

Then there is the Bonnie-Jeremy-dead Anna love triangle.  Bonnie is pissed that Anna is still on the scene, despite the fact that she’s dead, and Jeremy can’t stop thinking about Anna…which causes her to literally appear out of thin air.  And despite being dead, somehow Anna and Jeremy can touch each other.

Uh-oh.  This doesn’t bode well for Beremy *yyyyeeeessssss*

Then there is Tyler and Caroline.  Everything was going great for Forwood (for about 5 seconds that is), until Tyler got turned into the first ever created hybrid.  Which, as you can imagine, puts a kink in their relationship.  Partially because Tyler has gone back to his cocky self, and partly because he’s been “sired” by Klaus (for those who haven’t read Dracula and are lucky enough to have never dealt with Renfield, sired basically means that Tyler is all-serving to Klaus because he created him.  Yeah, awks).

On top of that, he’s tight with “Barbie Klaus” Rebecca, who encourages him to feed on juicy, live humans…which he proceeds to do.


Aside from all the love drama, the two biggest developments in TVD this week included the (brief) return of Vicky and what chain of events this has set off….

Vicky managed to convince Matt to bring her back to life, and then, once she was back, she conveniently told him that she has to kill Elena (it’s ALWAYS Elena, isn’t it?) to stick around.  Yeah, dang.  While this is a bit sucky, it does lead to a kick-arse scene where Alaric’s car gets set on fire and blows up.  Always entertaining.

Of course, Bonnie with her witchy ways conveniently finds a way to send Vicky back to “the other side” (said in a spooky voice of course) and Elena, obviously, stays alive.  But for some reason, this means that other ghosties are back for a visit, including werewolf Mason who seeks revenge on Damon since Damon well…killed him.

On the flip side, Elena has finally decided that enough is enough.  She’s sick of sitting around pining for her vampire love who has turned into a big douche-bag (admittedly, this has made him MORE attractive, but really this is despite the point) and has channelled her inner Buffy.  Yes, Elena has become a vampire slayer.  While she hasn’t actually achieved anything yet, she did manage to stick a couple of stakes into Stefan’s stomach…so really, she’s on the right track.

Finally, Katherine managed to wake all-feared vampire, vampire-killer Michael and found out what he likes to eat….vampires.  Yum!  Should be an interesting turn of events…

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries?  Did you think that something was happening to Elena and Stefan when he caught her off the bleachers?  Or was there more chemistry between Damon and Elena when he admitted that he wasn’t REALLY flirting with Rebecca, and that it was all an act?  Will Tyler turn evil?  Will Beremy last?  Let me know!

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The Vampire Diaries: The Reckoning


“It all makes sense now, it’s IN the computer.”  OK, so maybe Hansel from Zoolander wasn’t in this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but our favourite baddie (and by favourite, I mean, vampire we would most like to strangle) Klaus did have a very Hansel-esque moment.  As in, the cure…is in Elena’s body. Da da duuummmm.

So, just for laughs (I’m sure) The Vampire Diaries writers decided to do a 180 from last week’s episode and give us full-on action with a healthy dose of thriller on the side, complete with spine-tingling scary bits of course.  Unlike last week we did not have long scenes of musings of love interests, whose hooking up with who and so forth.

No, we just had Klaus going loco on everyone.  Typical hybrid move.

If you want all the juicy bits, a full re-cap can be found on Kim’s blog HERE and if you’ve already seen it, hooray!  onwards and upwards we shall go my fellow TVD fans.

So, first on the agenda.  Stefan went through about 17,000 transitions this week (OK, I think it was really only three).  First he awoke and tried to fight off Rebecca to get to Elena…except that didn’t work because what with her being an Original and all-powerful she just shoved a big metal pole through his stomach…yummay!

Then, when he recovered from that (no easy feat) he ran inside to find Klaus and Elena…where he declared to Klaus that he DIDN’T love Elena and would be forever loyal to his hybrid bro.  Well.  Klaus didn’t believe that, and when he slapped Elena over the face (might I add, supernatural or no, here at Set In Motion we do not tolerate violence against women…you hear me Klaus?) Stefan went mad and tried to protect her.

OK, you still keeping up?  THEN, Klaus decided to compel Stefan to do his every whim, which meant chowing on the two unfortunate, but conveniently placed, randoms…so he’s now a baddie again.

THEN, when Klaus compelled him to chow on Elena (after a nail-biting 20 minute wait of course) he managed to restrain himself by stabbing himself in the stomach with a broom (seriously, what is going on in his digestive tract I wonder.  He DID just eat himself two juicy humans after all).

So now Stefan’s the good guy.

Well…Klaus did not like that.  So he compelled Stefan to switch off…as in, BAM I have no soul switch off…which meant he did actually have quite a big nibble of Elena’ neck.

Damn.  So, in conclusion…Stefan is quite literally a soulless bastard, who is sticking around to keep an eye on Elena while Klaus is off doing whatever Klaus does in his spare time (poetry readings perhaps?)

But…I hear you ask, with a confused look on your face, why would Klaus want Elena to stay alive?  Ahhh….well it’s quite simple (it isn’t really) but for hybrids to become hybrids and not turn into zombie-men, they need a taste of Elena’s blood.  Which is what we saw happen to Tyler who was the unfortunate scape-goat in this episode.

Yeah…see what I mean by confusing?

More importantly though, we learnt this episode as to WHY Klaus wanted to create a hybrid army.  Not because he wanted world dominance as we previously thought (although that is a good side-effect) but because he is lonely and just wants to have some friends (tip:  people are more likely to be your friend if you don’t go around kill all of theirs, hybrid or not).  Which really doesn’t bode well for Forwood or Tyler, who is the only other hybrid in existence…

Anyone say awkward bromance on the horizon?

On the flip side, through conversations with the dead (courtesy of Jeremy, and surprisingly…Matt) we learn that the mysterious Michael IS in fact a vampire hunter, but he himself is a vampire…and, of course, he is incredibly dangerous and all-powerful.  For those who need a quick memory boost, Michael is the character who Klaus and Rebecca were running from all those years ago.

Which is why, in the true nature of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine and Jeremy decide to wake him up.  Because that is definitely not going to back fire in the least…

So where are we now?  Delena look good, but it’s going to be tough considering sadistic Stefan is in town and ready to settle.  But then we love a good bad boy here, so will Elena have a little bit of an attraction to the new and (let’s admit it) improved Stefan?

What side-effects will Matt have from his dance with death?  Are he and Jeremy going to be vampire ghost-whisperer pals from here out?

What will happen with Anna and Vicky?  Have they revealed all their cards and aren’t needed anymore, or do they still have something up their sleeves?  And what will this mean for Beremy?

So many questions!  And we’re only a quarter of the way into the season…

What did you think of this episode?  Good?  Bad?  Too much action, or just enough?  Good plot twists or just confusing?  Let me know!

the vampire diaries

I want to suck your blood-but seriously, vampire jokes aside, he really does-(image taken from

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