So…I know it has been a while, but let’s be honest, the show got a bit boring.  Vampires stopped doing it for me, people who should of gotten killed off weren’t, while perfectly likeable (although evil) characters were.

But this week things got interesting.  Alright, I’m going to only say this once but it was the season finale of The Vampire Diaries so this is a massive SPOILER ALERT.

And seriously, this is the type of stuff you want to witness first hand.

In all honesty, I can’t be bothered recapping.  You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, and if you haven’t you either didn’t pay any attention to my spoiler alert or somehow stumbled onto this page by accident (it’s OK, it’s the Internet and it happens to everyone).


The biggest?  Elena Gilbert, she who is not Isabella Swan, is now a vampire.

OH SNAP!  Terrifically unexpected, since, last it was brought up (approximately a season ago) Elena didn’t want to be a vampire.  She wanted to grow old, get married and have lots of children.  How she thought this was possible considering she was in love with not one, but two, vampires is beyond me, but there you go.

Yet now she’s a vampire.

Which conveniently leads us to point number two:

Alaric is DEAD.  The invincible was actually vincible (?) and just after he killed Klaus (OH!  We’ll get to that), which was just before he almost killed Damon…he died.

And he even got to say something nice to Jeremy in ghost form.  Awww.

Thirdly.  Klaus, as in vampire Klaus, is dead.  So…why did he seem to return in the form of Tyler?  Is Tyler dead?  Or is Klaus Tyler? How did this happen?  And what does this mean?  (Dammit, it’s like the ending of Source Code all over again)  And…hilarious love triangle plot twist (remember this is what we wanted), Klaus will be dating Caroline in Tyler’s body.  WHHAAAAA???

Damon-Elena-Stefan.  Elena finally decided.  She went for Stefan, because, at the end of the day, he got in first.  He saved her life, made her realise what she wanted from it, etc etc, hero worship blah.

Except he didn’t.  Well he did, let’s not take that away from the guy, but Damon actually got in first.  He creepily appeared from out of the darkness (seriously, I know he’s hot, but that shit doesn’t fly in reality), gave her some life advice, flirted a little (oh Damon, you minx!) and then erased it all from her memory.

So…she doesn’t know that he came first.

So what’s on for season four?

Elena’s a vampire.  Elijah is back.  Damon came first, but Stefan is the only one that made an impression (literally).  Tyler may or may not be dead.  Klaus may or may not be dead.  and ELENA IS A VAMPIRE.


If you don’t have any, I’m disappointed.

the vampire diaries

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