Film Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two


I remember the first time I picked up the Twilight books.  It was in year ten, I was trying desperately to procrastinate study for my forthcoming Maths exam and well, that was all that was left in the ‘young adult’ section of my local library that I hadn’t managed to get my hands on (I was what you’d call a bit of a bookworm back in the day…OK let’s be honest, that hasn’t changed).  It seemed OK, but I distinctly remember at the time being skeptical about a vampire called Edward.  How old fashioned!

Of course, as with every other 16 year old girl who picked up the book, I became obsessed.  I didn’t care that Edward was a fictional character, and that pretty much every characteristic he had was essentially Meyer giving the finger to proper vampire-lovers the world over, I was enthralled.  And when I found out six months later that there were two more books in the series available, with a third to be released?

Well.  Things got crazy.  Like I said, I was a super cool 16 year old.

Although I fit the demographic for Twilight to a tee, being a self-absorbed teenage girl who just wanted to fall in love with someone beautiful (and have them love me back so that I could laud it all over my peers, ha!), looking back it makes me sad that what gave me such joy then, doesn’t give it to me anymore.

Because, as I have sadly learnt, the older you get, the wiser you are…and the greater ability you have to detect badly produced work.

That basically sums up how I felt about Twilight by the time the 5th film came out.  But, for the sake of the series, and for the sake of my sixteen year old self, I dragged my arse and saw the final film.

OK, it wasn’t that bad the whole process.  My friend and I did, after all, quickly learn the joys of seeing a sub-par film.

The Good:

  • The twist.  The ending of the book is rather yawn-inducing, and would have been far worse in film form, so kudos to Bill Condon for adding that fun twenty minutes.  For those who haven’t seen the film yet, I won’t give it away, but expect some badarse moves from Alice.  Sweet.
  • The flashbacks.  I actually thought this was really sweet.  It was nice seeing the brief recapping of the past 5 films, basically summing up their relationship.
  • Taylor Lautner’s abs.  I’m not a Jacob fan but hey, I won’t say no.

The Bad:

  • The acting.  Which was never going to be a surprise, but it’s still…so bad.  I feel like actors from Home and Away and Neighbours would watch this film and shake their head in disgust.  Which is saying something.
  • The hunting scene.  What the hell was with the special effects?  Surely if they can produce a dozen highly detailed moving CGI wolves they can put a little more money into making Bella and Edward running fast.  I dunno what the heck the process was for this, but it looked like K-Stew and Rob Pattinson were told to run, in slow motion, in front of a blue screen.  Absolutely terrible.  And then, to make matters worse, we then had to witness K-Stew hunting, which reinforces my above comment about horrendous acting.
  • The storyline.  At times it was too slow, while at other times it seemed disjointed and unconnected, while even at times I felt like I was missing out on something.  I remember really loving the bit in the book where we find out everyone’s wicked cool talents, yet this was kinda ignored in the film.  Plus, considering Bella is a bit of a failure for the first 4 films, it would have been nice if they had emphasised the fact that she herself has a wicked cool talent that basically saves everyone’s lives because, since becoming immortal, Bella has become a bit of a boss.  But noooo
  • Bella’s lullaby.  It’s been 5 films, ten hours and who knows how many renditions of Bella’s freaking lullaby.  It was great in the first film, but that does not mean every director since then has the right to play it on repeat, minimum 10 times during each film, to reinforce the connection that Bella and Edward have.  Bad directors, bad.
  • The script.  What the hell Melissa Rosenberg?  How can you write such witty material for Dexter, only to produce lines like “Can I call you Dad?”  Just.  No.

While I realise my review is a tad harsh, and I know that some people actually really enjoyed it, overall I feel that the franchise let itself down.  While having screaming 14 year olds being associated with your brand is never going to be ideal, each new director that joined the team hasn’t made much of an effort to make their mark, except for different opening and closing credits.  Sure, it might be because I’m not a screaming teenager myself, but a large part of me knows that even sixteen year old wouldn’t be impressed…which is saying something, as, if I recall correctly, I also used to be a fan of My Chemical Romance.


Will Ferrell’s Take On The Twilight Saga

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For those who live under a rock, or far more likely, just don’t give a toss about Twilight, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up recently.  In a really messy, public way.  Why?  Because she’s a dirty home-wrecking ho-bag.

So what does this mean for The Twilight Saga?  Sure, K-Stew was already severely disliked for her terrible acting ability, but how can we have empathy for an actress who metaphorically shot herself in the foot when she slept with a man twice her age; a man who was also the director of her last film (Snow White and The Huntsman, don’t watch it, it was very ‘meh’), and, oh yeah, a man who had a wife and kids.

Nice one, K-Stew and Rupert Sanders.

Ideally of course, if the real-life counterparts of Edward and Bella were going to break up, it would have been before the second film, New Moon.  So does this mean that the Twilight Saga is, to coin a phase, up shit creek without a paddle?  Or, do we want to be honest with ourselves here, and admit that perhaps Kristen Stewart ruined the saga as soon as she stepped onscreen (refer to comment about horrendous acting skills)?

And, more importantly, what will happen with the image of K-Stew and R-Pattz?

Well, all these issues and more were addressed by comedian Will Ferrell, who was on the Conan O’Brien show, promoting his new film, The Campaign.  Let’s be honest, Will Ferrell treats the situation in the best way possible: if you’re going to be a dirty home-wrecking ho, who can’t act to save yourself, and cheat on your boyfriend, then we’re all going to point at you, laugh and call you a stupid tosspot.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn


As we all know (even those crazy fools who aren’t fans know), the first half of the last book of the Twilight series hit screens around the world as pre-teens screamed their little hearts out.

Might I add that here at Set In Motion we do not condone pre-teen heart screaming of any kind, but we do approve of Robert Pattinson on the big screen.  And so, like the dutiful fan girl that I am, I went to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.  So what did I think?

Now, like almost ALL books, the film adaptation doesn’t compare, and sadly I found that this was the case, once again, with Twilight.  However, it should definitely be noted that there were aspects that I enjoyed immensely, and while I didn’t get as excited as I did for the original Twilight (although saying that, I WAS 17 when the first film came out and got excited relatively easily…although saying that, I still do), I didn’t think it was the worst of the movie adaptations so far.  We did, after all, get to FINALLY see that sex scene that we’ve all been waiting for, not to mention Bella’s wedding dress, Isle Esme and the procreation of Edward and Bella.  Oh, and Stephenie Meyer dropped in for an appearance as well.

To get a feel of what is what like to be there in the flesh, check out Kim’s post HERE where she reports live with all the latest rumours surrounding the film.

So overall, what was my opinion of this film?  Drum roll please…

The Good

  • Bella’s dress.  There were aspects of it that I found a bit “meh” but I thought the back was stunning, and unlike the ring (don’t get me started) it seemed true to the book and the era that it was meant to be imitating.
  • Speaking of, this film stayed true to the book.  Hallejuah!  Sure, there were aspects that were missing, but considering the size of the book, even split into two films they couldn’t have covered everything.  And what they made sure to cover they covered well (anyone else reminiscing that dream that Bella had?)
  • The honeymoon.  Um, did anyone else decide then and there in the movie theatre that they were going to toss all morals aside and marry a fabulously rich husband, receding hairline or no, just so they could have their own island off the coast of Brazil?  No-one?  Huh, that must of just been me.  That house!  That view!  That waterfall!  Thank you for that, producers of Breaking Dawn, because on the slightest off-chance that I wasn’t already pining for Edward Cullen (ha!) you had to add “has connections to awesome private island”  to the list.  And people wonder why we fall for vampires…
  • The CGI.  OK, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I was actually a little scared of the werewolves in this instalment.  I know, I know, they aren’t real and even if they were, as if the vampires wouldn’t defeat them.  But there was something a little bit terrifying about them, wasn’t there?  Particularly when werewolf Sam decided to really show his power.  Eek!
  • The makeup.  They made Bella look sick, they made her look glowing and happy on her wedding day (hard feat when it comes to Kristen Stewart) and they made her look, literally, flawless when she transitioned.  Amazing stuff make-up guys.  Come hang out at my house please?
  • While Bella was pregnant.  I thought this bit was, while the most painful to watch, incredibly well done.  In the book Stephenie Meyer definitely conveys how unhealthy and sickly Bella is during her pregnancy, but some things do not compare.  That scene where Bella goes to have a bath and we see how truly skinny she was?  And the look on Edward’s face?  Actually heart-breaking, and horrifying, all in the one moment.
  • That little bit at the end.  Because in case you thought everything was perfect, this scene reminded you that the Volturi will be back in town.  And they want the shiny new aspects of the Cullen Family.
  • Edward Cullen.  Because, four movies on, millions of annoying screaming fans, and countless mocking later, we still love him.  Because at the end of the day, he is the man of everyone’s dreams, isn’t he?

The Bad:

  • The hair.  It doesn’t seem like a bit deal, but it was.  What on earth was going on with Alice’s, Jasper’s, Rosalie’s and especially, Carlisle’s hair this instalment?  To quote one fan girl, it looked like something had died atop of Carlisle’s hair.  And somehow they had managed to make Rosalie look unattractive, which is saying a fair bit since the last time I checked, Nikki Reed was a stunner.  Anyone else agree?
  • That werewolf scene.  Honestly, my girlfriends and I did come to the conclusion that not much could be done about this scene, but the whole werewolves and voices over the top thing just didn’t really work.
  • The acting.  Sorry K-Stew but I’m never going to like your acting.  Sure, you did emancipated, anaemic and dying really well, but you didn’t even crack a smile when you walked down the aisle and saw Edward Cullen looking back at you.  And for that reason, and reason alone, I was never going to like your acting style.  Sorry.
  • The dialogue.  Some parts of it were good, and I appreciated that they tried to keep it light because the storyline could have very quickly spiralled into doom and gloom, but overall I thought that parts of the dialogue were forced, and that the humorous one-liners were much too obvious.  Melissa Rosenberg strikes again.
  • THAT sex scene.  Yes, it was good, but there was so much hype over it that I expected it to be better.  So sue me.  OK, honestly it might just be because I’ve read too much Twilight fan fiction.

What’s Next?

Considering this is part one, which means that we can assume there is going to be a part two, we have to ask ourselves, what next? Sure, we could deduce that it will be the second half the book, but where is the fun in that?  Now that we’ve seen Bella look absolutely flawless (not to mention terrifying with those red eyes of hers), will we also get to see her hunt, and do other, funner, vampire things?

What about Jacob and baby Reneesme?  Can they make their relationship likeable, rather than creepy?  And how do they plan on ageing Nessie so quickly?  Although that could be one of the reasons why they decided to wait a whole twelve months between instalments…

Personally, I’m looking forward to the Volturi returning, and us finding out the full extent of Jane and Alec’s wicked talents.  Plus, I want to see Bella more assertive, all the other vampires and their fun special skills…and, not to mention, the first time Bella and Edward see their cottage.

Overall, Breaking Dawn wasn’t the first film of the year I’ve seen, not even the worst of the month, but unfortunately it won’t make my top five.  What did you think?  Let me know what your favourite, and least favourite bits were, whether your Team Edward or Team Jacob and how you felt about all the crucial moments, like the Honeymoon, the Wedding and the Transformation.

twilight saga: breaking dawn part 1

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Twilight News


Two big bits of Twilight news for all you Twihards out there.  First,  Rob Pattinson news (its good for a change!  Nothing about his body odour I swear), and secondly news on the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie.

I know.  I know.  I’m wonderful.  You can thank me later.

So…drumroll please.  RPattz is ACTUALLY, FULLY, DEFINITELY, going to release an album.  Hurray!

Originally he planned on releasing one at the end of 2010, but as we know, that came and went and no album from Rob.  But…many sources are saying that he’s got a few weeks of leisure time, and he wants to get stuck into his album and start recording his music (because, let’s be honest.  What else is he going to do with his free time?  Hang out with Kristen Stewart? Hahahahahaha.  But seriously.).

For those who are curious about his style of music, being the indie art-y “cool dude” that RPatzz is, its definitely not going to be pop.  This is what one source said:

The album Rob will make will be guitar-based and rums, very organic-sounding, nothing pop.  Like stripped down Ray LaMontagne  meets Van Morrison.

Music is his first love!  He’s tortured because he avoids it!  When he’s sitting around jamming in the studio, it’s his favourite moment of life.

OK, OK I agree that it sounds really wanky, what with the whole trying to be Van Morrison (let’s be honest, there is only one Van the Man) and saying he’s tortured because he spends all his time acting instead of singing, but…he does have a lovely style of music.  As you might remember from Twilight, he sang Never Think and Let Me Sign, both songs that I love and have listened to repetitively in the past.

What do you think?  Do you think Rob Pattinson should have been a singer or do you think he’s just jumping the-actor-turn-singer-bandwagon?

And…in Breaking Dawn news, a new trailer was recently released.  And so far I like what I see.  I will even go so far as to say that while watching it I didn’t want to stab KStew’s eyes out with a fork.

We’ve come a long way my friends.

Although saying that, while RPatzz looks as attractive as always (may I say, even MORE so?) what is going on with Carlisle and Alice’s hair?  Interesting, to say the least.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Nothing’s Going In and Nothing’s Coming Out


As all you twi-hards out there would know, the first instalment of Breaking Dawn is set to be released at the end of the year.  Cue excitement.  This is the beginning of the end…but don’t be sad…when it ends we don’t have to have the burden of paying money to see Kristen Stewart act…

But seriously, all KStew-hating jokes aside I do have real news to tell you.  News from the official Breaking Dawn news desk (I have my sources…) are saying that there is no way IN HELL that the scripts will be leaked.  Which does seem a bit excessive, but did you see the way they reacted to those leaked photos?

Rumours are coming in that the producers have been so hard-core with this that no-one and I mean NO-ONE (not even our beloved trio) are allowed to leave with the script.  Even before production began, Rob Pattinson, KStew and Taylor Lautner had to make do with the previous Twilight scripts (although we’re hoping that there will be some differences since it is an entirely new book…).  And at the end of each day they have to dutifully return the scripts back to the big guys.  Since memorising the scripts isn’t a big concern in the movie industry at all…

While I can understand wanting to keep everything under wraps for such a high-profile film, it does seem like a bit of overkill.  It is based on a book series after all.  A really, REALLY successful book series.  So basically 99% of the audience are going to know what will happen…

Unless they have completely butchered it and changed the storyline.  But we won’t even consider that, will we?

What do you think?  Over the top or justified?

rob pattinson and kristen stewart

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The cracks have begun to appear

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Well.  News is in about our favourite couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (well we love half the couple so that has to mean something).  According to a “studio source” they’re on a break.  Basically, RPatz is off being famous and doesn’t have time for KStew.  Or something like that:

“Things have been a bit rocky for a while. They both have hectic work schedules, Rob in particular at the moment, and their phone calls were getting fewer and further between. They started to only see each other on set and began to drift apart until a general apathy developed.”

“The excuses why they couldn’t meet up basically got weaker and weaker, and Rob figured they should officially cool things off and have some time to figure out what they each want.”

“There have been a few tears but the pair remain friendly. Kristen is hopeful of a reconciliation once Rob has finished promotion for his latest movie. But as things stand, they’re on a break and just mates.”


However, in the same week RPatz has said in a recent interview how proud he is of the sex scene they do together in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  Nothing on how their sex life is doing (damn!) but he is proud of his work, and more than a little peeved at whoever leaked those photos:

“It’s kind of incredible. I saw a prelim of it. [Bill] has really, really good ideas for it…We had some really interesting ideas about it. It’s kind of interesting, as well, having to do it in the context of PG-13…You can’t do blatant. That’s all been done in other stuff anyway, like saying, ‘You just do it really, really fast!'”

I’m not exactly sure what RPatz is on about in that last bit (fast sex?  A good thing? Hmm…) so if anyone can enlighten me that would be wonderful!

And for those who haven’t seen those raunchy leaked photos?  I feel for you.  I would send you a link…but I don’t want to leave a paper trail!  I’ll just say…I’m really, REALLY looking forward to December…

Thoughts?  Do you think RPatz and Kristen Stewart will last?

rob pattinson and kristen stewart

Hot? Yes. Leaked? No. Just think about that for a moment-(image taken from


Rob’s Afraid

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Poor Rob Pattinson.  Not only does he have the burden of having to date Kristen Stewart, but he also has to deal with crazy rabid Twihards (twelve year-olds, I’m looking at you).  While this wouldn’t necessarily be that big a pain in the arse (actually, it would) RPatz doesn’t want to settle down and buy a house because then everyone will know where he is!

“I’m afraid of buying a house or anything. The best way to deal with it is just to move around all the time.”

Poor guy!  He doesn’t want to settle down because then, wham!, they’ll pounce on him.

And before anyone says that the Twilight hottie is over-reacting, there was a fine example of rabid-fanism on show just the other night.  Rob and KStew decided to support Catherine Hardwick (aka director of Twilight) by attending the premiere of her new film, Red Riding Hood (more on that in a later post).  What could of been a romantic evening out ended up being a group assault on the two.

And by the two, I mean Rob Pattinson.  I’m sure Kristen Stewart just got in their way.

Thoughts?  Do you think fandom goes too far when you can’t buy a house?

rob pattinson and kristen stewart

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