Buckle up Vampire Diaries fans, this week the writers gave us a bit to wonder, even if we were only subjected to few gory deaths (hybrids don’t really count anymore do they?) Stelena?  Delena?  Good Doctor Fell?  Bad Doctors Fell?

And so the questions come.

This week, the main storyline was once again surrounded around the dance of revenge between our favourite hybrid overlord/villain Klaus and boring-good-vampire-who’s-just-started-getting-interesting Stefan.  Basically,  Stefan has Klaus’ dead family and there’s nothing Klaus can do about it.  Na na na na na.

On top of that, Stefan has demanded that Klaus get his minions to leave town, otherwise he’s going to start dumping vampire loved ones in the ocean.  Starting with Elijah (Noooo!!).  Of course, Klaus thinks he’s bluffing and threatens to kill everyone Stefan has ever met (which, let’s be honest, is starting to get old.  Partially because he keeps saying it and nothing has happened, but also the fact that it seems highly unlikely Klaus would kill EVERYONE that Stefan has EVER met.  That’s a whole lot of people).

Stefan, being the recently turned badass that he is, decides to use Elena as a pawn in his evil twisted game.  He makes her drink his blood and tells Klaus he’s going to drive her off the old town bridge, where her parents (and nearly her) died, thus rendering her useless to Klaus.  Surprisingly, Klaus folds first.

At the same time that this is going on, Caroline, for possibly the first time in the series, is feeling a touch of melancholia  (perhaps she saw that new Lars von Trier film?  I don’t know).  She’s celebrating her 18th birthday, but she died at 17.  Downer.  Of course, when Tyler is compelled to bite her, almost sealing her death, she starts to re-evaluate.  Really, being immortal at 17 is far better than dying when you’ve just turned 18 (sorta).

Luckily, Klaus decided to be the knight in shimmering armour and gives her his blood, thus curing her from a slow and painful death.  Side note, he also gave her a very shiny and expensive bracelet for her birthday.  WTF?

Finally, Delena, which seemed within reach last week after they kissed…has been put on the shelf…again.

Elena: “It’s not right.”

Damon:  “No, it’s just not right NOW”


So what are my thoughts for this week?

Honestly, I have come to the conclusion that I have some sort of bad-boy attraction complex going on.  I’ve been attracted to Damon for over two seasons, but now that he is acting all calm and patient and loving towards Elena I’m starting to lose interest.  Awks.

On top of that, even though the way Stefan behaved was unacceptable, it was also incredibly sexy.  FINALLY, he’s being the pro-active one and tackling Klaus.  Sure, he’s been an ass along the way, but he does get the job done, doesn’t he?

On a romantic note, did anyone else feel a little something-something with Klaus and Caroline?  And if that’s the case, I feel that Caroline needs a good shaking.  It may have appeared nice of him to save her life, but the only reason she was in jeopardy was because he forced her ex-boyfriend (who is only her ex because he had his will taken away from him by Klaus) to bite her.  And if she is the type of girl who is swayed by pretty jewellery, well…bad Caroline.  It wasn’t even from Tiffany’s.

Finally…is anyone else just waiting for Bonnie to disappear/die/or just leave the show?  I know I am.  Same with Matt.  It’s mean, but I don’t really care.


What does Klaus plan on doing with Caroline?  Will she develop feelings for him?

Will something happen between Stefan and Elena now that he has bought up that he knows he lost her?  Or will she realise that she’s actually been over Stefan for a long time and she CAN get with Damon?

Is Doctor Fell good or bad?  Was she behind the bloody murder (with a stake no less) of her once prom date from hell?  And how will this factor for Alaric?

Will Jeremy return?

What will happen to Tyler?

Also, little fun fact:  I have been informed that hottie doctor Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) is actually the wife of Paul Wesley, aka Stefan Salvatore.  Nice work Stefan.  That girl is gorgeous!   (Just imagine the children!)

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