Merry Christmas LOTR Fans: The Hobbit Trailer HAS Arrived


Here we go.  A couple of weeks (months?  I’ve lost track) we talked about the film production of The Hobbit, and whether or not Peter Jackson will work wonders like he did with the original Lord of the Rings series.  Well.  It may still be  year away until the first instalment (there are two) is released, but luckily for us, Jackson and Co. decided to send us a Christmas present in the form of THE FIRST OFFICIAL TRAILER!

Be prepared for some awesomeness, with Ian McKellan and his hero-esque ways as Gandalf and Andy Serkis as the oh-so-creepy Gollum in the trailer below.  And let me know what you think!

Also.  Does anyone else think that the actor playing Bilbo Baggins looks like that guy from Lonely Island.  You know, the one that isn’t Andy Samberg?


The Hobbit: Casting News


I haven’t said much about the upcoming Hobbit movies (the book has been split into two, a la Harry Potter style) but alas, don’t stress readers, I’ve kept my eye out and now have lots of juicy information concerning…

the cast!

Now, as we all know, sequels and prequels only ever work well if they have the original cast agreeing to returning.  Those Bring It On movies show how wrong things can go otherwise…

Well, luckily the star cast that banded together for The Lord of the Rings movies have all signed on for The Hobbit.  Yep.  We’re talking the big wigs.  Orlando Bloom, Ian Kellen, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Christopher Lee…I think you get the picture.

HOWEVER, even better are the new cast members including Evangeline Lilly, Stephen Fry, and the wonderful Barry Humphries.

Stephen Fry is set to play the Master of Laketown, and Barry Humphries has been cast as the Great Goblin, which seems like the perfect casting choice in my opinion (seriously, the man can do an old, eccentric woman.  He was made for this).

What has got everyone asking though, is the character Evangeline Lilly is supposed to play; the mysterious Tauriel.  Tauriel is not a character in the book but has been created by Peter Jackson specifically for the films.  All we know so far is that she is a true Sylvan Elf, that her name means “Daughter of Mirkwood” and that she WON’T be having a romantic fling with Legolas.

But otherwise?  Who knows…

What do you think about the cast and the new members?  Do you think its a good thing Peter Jackson has created a new character or should he have stuck with what J.R.R Tolkien wrote?  Let me know!

evangeline lilly

Elf-like?-(image taken from

First Glimpse of The Hobbit!

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Be excited.  Be very excited.  The moment that we have been waiting for has finally come.  Well…sorta.

For those who have been following the film version of The Hobbit you’ll know that it has taken FAR longer than anyone would like with a bunch of actors and directors joining then quitting and basically stuffing us fans around.

But alas, our faithful Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of The Rings trilogy,  has returned to the project and it is officially underway.

Check out the link below to the released footage that goes behind-the-scenes of the Hobbit.

What do you think?  Are you excited for The Hobbit?  Or do you just want to see the awesome dragon Smaug kick arse?

Lord of The Rings’ star puts a ring on it!

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Billy Boyd, loyal hobbit sidekick to Frodo in The Lord of The Rings trilogy, married his long-term girlfriend, and mother to his son Jack, in Glasgow, Scotland two days ago.

Billy exchanged vows (and rings!) to girlfriend Ali McKinnon in a church ceremony with co-stars Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan by his side.

What a lovely way to end the year!  And Happy New Years to everyone else, even if you aren’t getting married…have a good one!

billy boyd

Billy Boyd gets married-(image taken from

The Hobbit Gets The Green Light!


For all those Lord Of The Rings fans out there, you would know that there is a prequel to the epic series.  Not as gory, not as dark, and definitely not as good, The Hobbit still delivers laughs, beautiful images, and best of all, a great storyline.  The story is how Bilbo Baggins, Frodo’s uncle, got the ring in the first place, and how he met the incredible wizard, Gandalf.  It should be noted, that while a legendary quest occurred, Bilbo, in true Hobbit style, didn’t actually want to go…

Now that that has been covered, to the news.  The Hobbit will happen. Yes. It is going to be turned into a movie.  Two movies actually.  Peter Jackson has confirmed that he will write, produce and direct the project, which will consist of two movies.  Jackson will be working with MGM and Warner Bros. and production begins in New Zealand (ah that tiny land will have another claim to fame) in February.  Considering all the ups and downs this project has been through (mostly down, including Guillermo de Toro staying and then leaving) I’m doubly psyched for it to be underway.  What does everyone else think?

Writing, the hobbit, on a country-side background

The Hobbit (image taken from