First off, fellow Vampire Diaries fans, sorry about the late post.  It’s a bit slack of me, but I plead defence in the fact that I had uni exams, and then I had partying due to the end of exams…But.  Here it is!  The long-awaited (I hope) post about the mid-season finale of the Vampire Diaries.

If you’re up for a more detailed account (here we just just scratch our chin and ponder most of the time) check our Kim’s blog HERE

So what happened in the week’s episode, that I might add, is the last before a SIX WEEK break?  Also, that while the writers were kind and wrapped up a few loose ends, they were equally cruel in the massive cliff-hanger they left us with…

The Plan

For those who have been living under a rock, Elena and Co have frantically been thinking of ways that they could kill Klaus; and considering he is both an Original AND a hybrid vampire-werewolf. they weren’t coming up with many options.  Until Michael, aka Papa Original and vampire-killer turned up and announced that, with a little co-operation, they could destroy Klaus once and for all.

Of course, to do this involved several steps.  First Elena had to actually stab Michael (don’t worry, temporary thing) so that Stefan, who is still under mind-control, could ring Klaus and let him know that his dad was dead.  And, now that Rebecca knows what a douche Klaus is, she also gave her input.  So far so good.

Then, Michael was un-stabbed, where he procured the almighty stake made from a really old white oak tree that can officially kill, (and so they actually stay dead) an Original.  AKA Klaus.

At the same time, Elena goes over to Rebecca’s, whose dressed up for her first ever homecoming dance.  While the moment could be very touching, Elena kinda ruins it when she stabs Rebecca in the back, killing her.  Mostly because she can’t get in the way of The Plan.

Conveniently, the Homecoming dance is flooded and so the venue has to be changed…to Tyler’s who, also conveniently, has a big party already set up, band and all.  Only thing is, instead of homecoming it’s actually a wake…and Klaus is the host.  Dun. Dun. Dun.

Stefan and Klaus rendezvous, when Stefan makes a deal with Klaus; if he shows how dead Michael is, he can have his freedom back.  Deal’s a deal.

Unfortunately for Stefan, when he goes to meet up with Damon and Michael he realises that he’s also a liability…and that he has to be (temporary put down).  Cue nasty bite scene with Michael.

The Problems

  • Klaus has bought along a group of loyal hybrids he’s created (so THAT’S what he’s been up to these past few episodes) that will kill everyone who gets in his way.  One of those hybrids is Tyler.  Eek!
  • Stefan saves Klaus’ life, who then in turn kills Michael with the only weapon that can kill him.  Dang.
  • Elena gets stabbed.  Whoops.
  • Caroline snaps at Tyler for being a hybrid.  Awkward way to end a relationship.

The Solutions

  • Elena is actually Katherine.  And she’s pretty hard to kill.  Yes!
  • Stefan was actually saving DAMON’S life, who would have been teared apart by all of Klaus’ minions if he had succeeded.
  • Stefan got his freedom back.  Hooray!
  • Tyler LIKES being Klaus’ minion.  Because now he doesn’t have to be a slave to the moon.

What now?

Despite the fact that Stefan did indeed save Damon’s life (bromance!) Damon and Elena don’t actually know that…and they’ve both accepted that they have to move on.  Which means they will (hopefully, invariably) move closer together.  Team Delena!

Katherine convinces Stefan that while it’s all well and good he’s gotten his freedom back, Klaus did screw him over big time and that Stefan should get vengence…

By stealing the corpses of all of Klaus’ relatives.  Relatives, that Klaus was going to bring back to life now that Papa Original is dead.  Only…because of Stefan, he no longer knows where they are…

Dun. Dun. Dun.  Cue end of episode.

So what did you think about the mid-season finale?  Nail-biting?  Edge of your seat?  Good?  Bad?  Expected?  Let me know!

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