Gossip Girl Season Five

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It’s that lovely time of year, television fans.  In the US, their Summer is over, Autumn has come around again and therefore all those rich actors who earn butt loads per episode are back from their exotic holidays (which their butt loads of money paid for) and forced to go back to work for our petty entertainment.

Sucks for them, but fantastic for us.  Particularly for us Aussies who have excellent viewing coming up, without the impending doom that is winter (sorry US!)

As readers will know, Vampire Diaries started up last weekend, Dexter is scheduled for only ten days away (but who’s counting?) and even Archer (sorry, I don’t have anything on Archer on this website, but if you’re interested send me a line) started last week.

And now Gossip Girl has arrived.  Hurray!  Well…almost.  The premiere for Season Five is scheduled for September 26th in the US, so if you’re a savvy internet goer (read: illegal downloader) you can access it the next day.  Yes!!

So far, Season Five will be set in both New York AND Los Angeles (read above information about sunny holidays rich people go on) and there has been a whisper that Dan and Blair may get back together…which Chuck suitably does NOT like at all.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.  I’m particularly interested in what you think about Liz Hurley going all cougar on the beautiful Nate (seriously, how can she “hook up” with Chace Crawford and then go home to Shane Warne?  It is beyond me).


Coming up Roses


Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like these days whenever I feel like a little Gossip Girl and turn it on, Nate Archibald, aka the yummy Chace Crawford, is nowhere to be found.  I mean, don’t be shocked, the guy is still on the show, but I feel like his character has gone a bit…meh.  He just kinda swans in, says something ubiquitous and then swans out.  Which would be fair enough if he were topless, but in these scenes he’s always…clothed.

I know, what the hell are The CW thinking?

So, feeling a little Chace Crawford deprived I looked up to see what he was up to and I soon learned that while Nate Archibald is as boring as watching grass grow (quite seriously, that boy needs to do something drastic already), Chace’s life is going swimmingly.

First off, didn’t have to go to jail for being a big ol’ pothead.  Might I just add though, that doesn’t everyone do pot?  Why on earth WOULD they have jailed such an attractive guy for basically nothing?  Anyway.  Moving on.

Secondly, he doesn’t have to deal with Taylor Momsen anymore since she’s given up on acting.  Not sure if he considers this a good thing, but the rest of the world does so let’s just go with it, shall we?

Thirdly, while his television career is suitable “eh” at the moment, he has a big bunch of hilarious sounding movies coming up.

The first, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, is currently filming and has a giant cast of famous people (Cameron Diaz, Chris Rock and Jennifer Lopez to name a few) all getting together and having babies.  Awwww.  While news about Chace’s character hasn’t been released yet, I assume he’ll be someone’s baby daddy.  And hey, why not?

The other movie that has just been announced is called Responsible Adults and sounds absolutely hilarious (you hear that Chace?  Don’t disappoint me ok?).  Chace stars opposite Katie Holmes (bless her soul for doing something that doesn’t revolve around Tom Cruise), the older woman who starts dating him…before she realised that back in the day she was his nanny.  Oohh!  The possible consequences!

So what do you think?  Everything coming up roses for Chace or is he just a really busy bee?  Let me know!

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