Have you ever started dating someone, and you’re maybe a month or two in, when everything has gone to hell in a hand basket?  Yep?  And I bet a little part of you thought “what a waste of my time!  I wish I had never gone through that at all!” It’s OK, I think we’ve all thought it.

Well, imagine siding with the wrong guy for ONE THOUSAND YEARS, and then realising that, whoops!  He’s the baddie after all.  Yes, that was the subject matter that we were dealing with this week on The Vampire Diaries.

This week we’re going to go into a little more detail, but like usual, if you want to check out Kim’s website HERE I more than encourage you to! (As long as you come back of course).

Now are we ready?  Please make sure your socks are hiked up, your hats are on tight and all your personal belongings are stowed away safely.  Here. We. Go.

So this week’s episode starts off with Alaric showing Elena those really, really old pictures on the wall of the Lockwood caves down in their basement.  So what do they mean?  Well, with a little bit of decoding, Dan Brown style, Alaric learns the words for Witch, Werewolf and Vampire.  Which is all very well and good, but we’ve put two and two together that witches, werewolves and vampires hang out together (whether they like it or not).  Although…one bit of juicy information that did learn?  Michael, AKA vampire hunter extraordinaire, is actual one of the Originals.  Yep, he’s Papa Michael to Rebecca, Elijah and…Klaus.  And you thought your relationship with your parents was bad.

So…while Alaric, alongside Bonnie (and might I mention, the sexual tension in the air?  I could be going out on a loony limb here, but I sensed Alaric was hitting on Bonnie a little, now that she is single from the conveniently missing Jeremy.  Anyone else?  Yes? No?), try to piece the bits of the puzzle together, Elena decides to go directly to the source and ask Rebecca what the go is with Papa Michael.  Why do they hate him?  Why does he hate them?

Through a series of flashbacks we learn some interesting things:

1) The Originals were once human.  That’s right, they weren’t born vampires, in fact they weren’t even born in America (that clears up that whole sketchy accent thing).

2) Michael was a jackarse.  Sure, I bet he was just looking out for his children, blah blah blah, but he did it in a jackarse kinda way.  Do not approve.

3) (This is a biggie).  The Original witch turned the family into vampires as a way to protect themselves from the werewolves, and pretty much anything else that could kill them.  The Original witch being their mum.  Well…that at least explains the name.

4) When Klaus was turned into a vampire, his werewolf-y side came out as well, which made things super awkward for the family, because Papa Michael put two and two together and realised that Mama Witch was a bit of a whore and slept with a werewolf, thus creating the hybrid we all know and love as Klaus.

5) Michael was so outraged that he killed Mama Witch, even though she had turned her back on Klaus and created the spell so that he couldn’t turn.

Well, that’s what Rebecca and Elijah though.  Until Elena (of course it’s Elena who works this out), through the pictures on the cave, realised that in fact it was KLAUS who had killed his mum (she did create him and then turn her back on him…ouch) and then lied to Elijah and Rebecca so that they hated Papa Michael alongside him.  Yeah.  Awks.

On the other side of town, Damon has decided to release Stefan from his Dungeon of Doom so they can have a night of fun, blood and booze.  As you do.  While Stefan thinks there is a catch and he will invariably get in trouble (he sorta did, Damon did beat him up a little) Damon basically wanted to show him what freedom felt like.

This of course had its silver lining when Michael rocks up (yep, he’s still around) and manages to get Stefan to get Klaus back in town (by almost killing Damon.  I have to say, for immortals they seem to be killed relatively easily enough). So therefore, Stefan is back on our side, with or without his humanity.

So where do we stand?  The usual scooby gang are hating on Klaus (Elena, Damon, Alaric etc), but now Rebecca seems likely to turn on him, and Stefan is back in the good books.

Really, all we need is for someone to track down Elijah, wake him from the dead and get him to fight too…he’s bound to be pissed at Klaus after all.

Oh yeah, and the crazy, jackarse Papa Michael…who says he knows how to kill Klaus…

Thoughts?  What did you think of this week’s episode?  Do you think that Stefan will be good for long, or will Klaus somehow work out it’s a trap?  Let me know!

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