The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: The Departed


So…I know it has been a while, but let’s be honest, the show got a bit boring.  Vampires stopped doing it for me, people who should of gotten killed off weren’t, while perfectly likeable (although evil) characters were.

But this week things got interesting.  Alright, I’m going to only say this once but it was the season finale of The Vampire Diaries so this is a massive SPOILER ALERT.

And seriously, this is the type of stuff you want to witness first hand.

In all honesty, I can’t be bothered recapping.  You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, and if you haven’t you either didn’t pay any attention to my spoiler alert or somehow stumbled onto this page by accident (it’s OK, it’s the Internet and it happens to everyone).


The biggest?  Elena Gilbert, she who is not Isabella Swan, is now a vampire.

OH SNAP!  Terrifically unexpected, since, last it was brought up (approximately a season ago) Elena didn’t want to be a vampire.  She wanted to grow old, get married and have lots of children.  How she thought this was possible considering she was in love with not one, but two, vampires is beyond me, but there you go.

Yet now she’s a vampire.

Which conveniently leads us to point number two:

Alaric is DEAD.  The invincible was actually vincible (?) and just after he killed Klaus (OH!  We’ll get to that), which was just before he almost killed Damon…he died.

And he even got to say something nice to Jeremy in ghost form.  Awww.

Thirdly.  Klaus, as in vampire Klaus, is dead.  So…why did he seem to return in the form of Tyler?  Is Tyler dead?  Or is Klaus Tyler? How did this happen?  And what does this mean?  (Dammit, it’s like the ending of Source Code all over again)  And…hilarious love triangle plot twist (remember this is what we wanted), Klaus will be dating Caroline in Tyler’s body.  WHHAAAAA???

Damon-Elena-Stefan.  Elena finally decided.  She went for Stefan, because, at the end of the day, he got in first.  He saved her life, made her realise what she wanted from it, etc etc, hero worship blah.

Except he didn’t.  Well he did, let’s not take that away from the guy, but Damon actually got in first.  He creepily appeared from out of the darkness (seriously, I know he’s hot, but that shit doesn’t fly in reality), gave her some life advice, flirted a little (oh Damon, you minx!) and then erased it all from her memory.

So…she doesn’t know that he came first.

So what’s on for season four?

Elena’s a vampire.  Elijah is back.  Damon came first, but Stefan is the only one that made an impression (literally).  Tyler may or may not be dead.  Klaus may or may not be dead.  and ELENA IS A VAMPIRE.


If you don’t have any, I’m disappointed.

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Vampire Diaries: Season Two Finale

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Well.  Here we stand (sit, lie, whatever). The end of another nail-biting, gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, occasional mirth-filled  laughter season of The Vampire Diaries.  We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  But not really the ugly because everyone on this show is beautiful.  And now it has finished for months.  MONTHS.

Now, this week’s episode, As I Lay Dying, was more jam-packed than usual, what with it being the end and all that, so for the last time this season (sob, sob) hop on over to Kim’s website to read everything that happened HERE
…just for good times (because you HAVE seen this episode, haven’t you?)

Now for something different, in honour of the finale, I thought we’d try analysing characters, where they are and what’s on for next season (hopefully):

  • Elena-she’s alive.  Her vampire-boyfriend is alive and her vampire-boyfriend’s hot older vampire-brother is alive. So you’d think everything is great right?  Not so much.  She’s realised that not only has Stefan turned all Cujo on her but, wait a moment, she actually does have feelings for Damon.  So what’s on for next season?  Will Delena FINALLY happen (we’ve been waiting two seasons TVD writers, please just have mercy on us with this one) or will she forgive Stefan even though he might want to eat her?  Thoughts?
  • Stefan-decided to FINALLY do something useful and found a cure for Damon.  Unfortunately that means that he’s now super-bad Klaus’ lackey and is expected to go around killing people left, right and centre.  You’d think that’d be difficult for Stefan, but wait a minute, that’s right, as soon as he starts drinking the Grade A stuff he turns feral.  Oops!  So will he spend Season three chomping down on some poor unsuspecting person’s neck, or will he revert back to his annoying, faux-bouffant, weak smiled self?  Any guesses as to which one I’m hoping for?
  • Damon-HE’S STILL ALIVE!!!!  That’s pretty much the important thing.  But on top of that?  He finally realises that Katherine is a really big manipulative bitch (duh) and that he shouldn’t have fallen for her.  Alas, if he hadn’t then he’d never have met Elena.  Awwww.  He admits that he loves her, they share a kiss and then he learns that his brother is now the baddie.  Any chances Delena will share more kisses next season?  (You’d better bloody hope so!)
  • Jeremy-he was alive.  Then he was dead.  Now he’s alive again.  All good.  Him and Bonnie still want to get their rocks on (I assume), Alaric is in a good mood and, oh yes…he can see dead people.  Dead vampire people actually.  EEEP!!  That’s one way to make his character interesting.
  • Bonnie-still a kick-arse witch.  Still liking Jeremy.  Still a bit of a pain-in-the-arse.  Is there anything else I need to add?
  • Caroline-gets her mum to understand that even though she’s a vampire, she’s a super cool awesome vampire and therefore she should be her friend.  So she is.  Awwww.  She’s broken it off with Matt (because he is a douche who ended it with her despite the fact that she is a super cool awesome vampire) but romance could be blossoming between her and the wolfy.
  • Klaus-super powerful, knows it and likes going out killing people.  Not much has changed really.
  • Tyler-still hot and still a werewolf.  But back in town for good now.  Now all he has to do is get with Caroline and his story arch will officially be fulfilled.
  • Matt-not really sure what’s going with Matt.  Likes be a human and doesn’t want to deal with any of that supernatural stuff.  Clearly he’s on the wrong show.
  • Alaric-still around.  Starting to cheer up and will always be there for his favourite vampire, Damon.  Gotta love some bromance.
Thoughts?  What did you think of the season finale?  Are you happy with the ending or wish that something more happened?  What are your predictions for season three?  And can we REALLY wait until September?
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The Sun Also Rises


Hold onto your shirts.  Hold onto your seats.  Hold onto your cups of tea (well that’s what I had in my hands at the time).  This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries?  Mind-blowing stuff.  Literally jaw-dropping.  Potentially falling-off-bed stuff.  Yep.  They know how to bring it.

If you thought that they’d save the big Klaus-Elena-someone-is-going-to-die showdown to the season finale (which is next week people!) then you were wrong.  But that’s OK because I was too.  Well.  Let’s just say that the writers at VD headquarters really wanted to prove us wrong.  Because instead of just one person dying…there were five.  Granted, one came back to life, but a death is a death is a death.

For those who want a full recap, check out Kim’s website HERE as she managed to both retell the story and make us laugh.  Which is no easy feat, considering how dramatic this episode was.

Alright, first thing’s first.  The deaths.  Yep, not just death singular, but deaths plural.  First there was Jules, the somewhat annoying cameo werewolf that no-one really cared about.  Sure she tried to justify herself before her death but spouting off something about trying to help Tyler (and considering what a big hunk of were-man he is, we’ll get to him later), but did we really care that she died?  Nah.  Moving on.

Next was the semi-shocker.  As well all remember from last week (and if you don’t…why are you reading this post and not frantically watching last week’s episode?  Seriously) Jenna drew the unfortunate card of vampire-sacrifice in Klaus’ twisted game of everything-is-all-about-me.  OK, so up until the end of last week’s episode she wasn’t even a vampire, but that didn’t stop the big bad vampy-wolf (as he may have to be called…but more on that later).  Anyway, despite an attempt by Stefan to save her life (HE suddenly wanted to become the bait…which is nice that he was FINALLY showing some backbone, but it ended up getting him nowhere anyway), Jenna was staked all well and good by Klaus and she joined the pile.

Which really does suck (no pun intended).  Maybe for the entire time she was on the show she didn’t really have any meaning whatsoever and was just that necessary filler…but she DID have potential.  And Klaus went and offed her.  If you ever needed a reason to dislike one, there you go.  Although that would be a surprise considering he has wanted to kill and drink Elena’s blood all season…so it was about time you got onto that hate bandwagon.

Also, now that Jenna is no more, what will happen to Alaric and he’s also somewhat unnecessary character.  Will he turn on all vampires?  Will he seek revenge on the big bad vampy-wolf and his no-good brother?  Or will he just quietly stop appearing on our screens?

After Jenna’s death came Gretta’s death, which is all fair and good considering all she did was strut around and smirk (but not in a sexy Damon-esque fashion.  No, more of a “I’m better than you nah-nah-nah-nah-nah” way.  Which is a pain in the butt I tell you).  And then there was Elena’s death.  But as you know, she was always going to come back alive.  What you didn’t know was…

THAT SHE WAS GOING TO COME BACK AS A HUMAN!  Yes, you read that right.  Even if the capitals were a bit much for you.  That’s right,  Elena is not a vampire.  She will not hate Damon forever (we hope…we’ve taken that route before), she can have future little babies etc etc.  But HOW? you ask (although probably not as you’ve either read Kim’s blog or actually seen the episode).

UNCLE JOHN, that’s how.  Uncle John, whose entire time on VD was to be a slimy pain in the arse, finally saved the day.  Using some witchy magic he was able to transfer his life source to Elena.  Which, in turn, caused his death.  Which was a surprise, but then again, we don’t really mourn him.

So after all those deaths you’d at least think that Klaus would be done and dusted?  Unfortunately, no.  Bonnie was definitely fierce and managed to do the best her witchy self could do, but Elijah turned all two-faced on us at the final moment (which is a downer as he ALSO had potential, in so many regards) and ran off with Klaus.  Who is now half werewolf/half vampire.  Thus the big bad vampy/wolf conundrum…But will they be back now that Elena isn’t needed?  And whatever happened to Katherine…?

So with one episode left where does this leave us?  Everyone is mourning their losses, Caroline and Matt are no more but a Caroline/Tyler romance could be on the horizon and oh…yeah…Damon’s dying from a werewolf bite.

Only next week’s episode will tell.  And you read it hear first…if they end on Damon dying/in the process of dying/and without Elena falling for him…HEADS. WILL. ROLL.

What did you think of The Sun Also Rises?  Meet your expectations?  Too dramatic?  Not dramatic enough?  Do you have any predictions for the season finale?  Let me know in the comments!

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