The Vampire Diaries: 1912


Here we go again.  It’s been a while Vampire Diaries fans, and while my excuses are good, hopefully the make up post is better.

Plus, in my defense, they made us wait a couple of weeks for the next episode.  Typical CW move.

Like usual, if you want something a little more in-depth, with a touch of humour on the side, check out Kim’s blog HERE for all the juicy Vampire Diaries gossip.

So…this week was, interesting, to say the least.  We last left Mystic Falls in a state of upheaval (when don’t we?) after The Originals’ mum tried to off them and ended up failing.  Now Bonnie’s mum is a vampire/witch (witpire? no?), Elijah is who knows where, and Klaus is still jonesing on Caroline.  So he should.

Now to this week.  Forget about the Originals please, they don’t seem to be in this episode.  Well, Rebecca is, but no one really pays attention to her, do they?  Instead, focus on the idea that Alaric is a mass murderer.  Who also did not die after getting shot.  Go with it.

So what’s going on?  In short, three people have been killed in Mystic Falls.  The medical examiner, Caroline’s dad and, technically, Alaric.  And thanks to Dr Fell, Alaric is the killer of all three (self-inflicted of course).  And she has the paperwork to prove it.

So, in retaliation, Elena and Matt (I know, he, out of everyone, is actually still around) go searching for clues, detective style, at Dr Fell’s house.  Where they find the jackpot.  Well, not really.  They find a shit load of paperwork on Alaric and co (other dead guys) and an old journal from Samantha Fell.  Oh, and a coroner’s report clearing Alaric.  Win.

Well, until Dr Fell catches them.

Fast forward a couple of scenes and we learn that the journal Elena stole is written by Samantha Fell, which recounts about how she went crazy and, surprise, surprise, killed a whole bunch of people back in 1912.

Only this is when things get weird.  When Damon and Stefan put two and two together (conveniently at the same time of course) Damon remembers that he killed Samantha BEFORE the murders happened.

So she came back to life.  And how did she do that?  Why, with a special “bring me back to life” ring.  And who else do we know with a ring like that?

*If you guessed Jeremy, just leave.*

Alaric!  And from the help of Dr Fell (supposedly not crazy, just trying to help out) we realise that Alaric’s ring is cursed and he’s going around killing other people, and himself.

And that was what we were left with.

So what did you think of this episode?  Personally, I found it a little too all over-the-shop.  Firstly, where the heck is half the cast?  OK Jeremy and Bonnie, I don’t really care about.  But Tyler, whose trying to change for Caroline; Caroline, whose interested in two guys; Klaus, who is suddenly Casonova, and; Elijah, who is just awesome, so please keep him in the show, WERE ALL MISSING.

Then, we are still getting nowhere on the love triangle between Stedelena (go with it). I know we complained about it starting to get old, but we still need our romance CW; it’s a trashy teenage TV show after all!

And, most importantly, I’m sorry, but that whole Originals thing was not resolved.  Nuh-uh.  So don’t think we’re going to just forget about it.

Maybe this is just me.  Let me know what YOU thought of the episode and whether things will continue to get twisted.

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The Secret Circle


Here at Set In Motion we get a little bit excited whenever an up and coming Aussie pops up on our screens in an American TV show.  Partially because of national pride and partially because, damnit we produce some fine good actors (not to mention some very yummy boys.  Hugh Jackman, Xavier Samuel, Ryan Kwanten…).  And we’re extra excited at the moment because not only are one of our bright young things in one of CW’s new television shows, but it’s none other than Phoebe Tonkin, who plays the lovely Fi in Tomorrow, When The War Began.

Phoebe plays Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, a new TV show created by Kevin Williamson, who is also the mastermind behind The Vampire Diaries (read: same sorta thing, cute guys, lots of twists etc etc).  This show is also conveniently based on the book series by L J Smith, who sounds familiar because she too is behind TVD.  The story surrounds a group of teenagers in the small town Chance Harbor in Washington and newly-orphaned Cassie who moves to the town after her mum dies.

So what’s the twist? Well…these teenagers are also budding witches, and now that Cassie is in town they’re circle is complete and they can get up to all sorts of voodoo.  Only problem?  Some bad guys (ie: the parents) want that power for themselves…to the point that they will kill to get it.

Da da dummmmmm.

Phoebe’s character Faye, while essentially NOT a bad guy, plays the rebel girl in the group and uses her powers for her own selfish desires which essentially leads to bigger problems.  And considering that Phoebe’s other main character to date was Fi from Tomorrow, When The War Began it’s nice to see her play the bad girl…and play it well!

What do you think? Have you seen The Secret Circle?

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The Vampire Diaries: Season Three Premiere


It’s back!  Thank goodness!  Those cold winter months with no sexy vampires to provide a lovely distraction are over.  Vampire Diaries is back for its third season, just in time for lovely weather to arrive in Melbourne, Australia (not sure what the weather is over in the US of A but…I don’t really care, let’s be honest).  Is this a coincidence?  I think not.  Yay!

So, since it’s been about three months, anticipation building, hopes mounting, etc etc and so forth, you’d expect us viewer to be disappointed, no?

Well, I don’t know about you but I was not.  Not at all.  Kevin Williamson and the team at CW can be nasty with their cliffhangers and those plot twists, but when they say they will deliver, they deliver.

So what happened on this week’s episode?

Like usual, if you want the full recap, check out Kim’s blog HERE and then come back for all the juicy stuff we talk about here.

Right.  First off.  Possibly my only complaint for this week, (aside from the lack of Delena, come on!  writers, we need SOMETHING) was Damon’s hair.  WHY?  Last two seasons it has been luscious and gorgeous and unkempt (unlike Stefan’s wig-like bouffant.  Sorry dude, but it had to be said) and this season it’s just…eeh.  Too long.  Too boring.  Just…eeh.  Please get on that Ian Somerhalder.  Please (Although, as a warning girls, I saw pictures from last night’s Emmy’s and he’s still rocking that look.  So we’re stuck with it at least for the next few episodes I’d say).

Anyway.  Hair rant over.  The best bit of this week?  It’s a toughie, but I’m going to go for Stefan delivering.  I feel like Paul Wesley actually had a chance to act.  And isn’t Stefan “the ripper” Salvatore so much more entertaining than Stefan who waits at Elena’s beck and call?  I’m not sure if he has a big master plan, but one would hope so.  But saying that, he did convince Andie Star (if you don’t remember her it’s because she was Damon’s love interest…without the love) to jump off a very tall ledge, causing her to die…right in front of Damon.

And while we all know that Damon has screwed up in the past due to his evil plans (remember when he killed Stefan’s bestie in season one?  Ouch), this does seem to be taking it a bit far.  So does Stefan REALLY have a plan, or has the human blood just turned him more evil than he realised…and he’s in deep trouble no one can get him out of?

Speaking of evil plans…Klaus.  What’s the go with him?  As the only hybrid werewolf-vampire in existence, he has decided to try and make more of himself…but why?  If he does successfully turn a whole lot of werewolves into hybrids, how does he plan on controlling them?  And what use does he have for them?  Damn.  TVD writers, you’ve already got me asking too many questions.

Oh, and whatever happened to Elijah?  He bailed on the good guys, saved his brother and just went…poof?!  Or have I forgotten some important story arch that happened last season…

What other bit was great?  Caroline and Tyler FINALLY getting together, or as they shall be referred to from now on, Forwood (thanks Kim!).  They tried to do the whole “we’re just friends” thing, until Caroline got jealous and finally made a move, and WHAT a move!  It’s at times like this that I love that The Vampire Diaries is rated MA15+ (gotta hate the fade to black…Stephanie Meyer).

However, what should have been a great night backfired miserably for Caroline who tried to do the sneak out in the middle of the night (bad girl! bad vampire!) and ended up being shot with vervain by Tyler’s waiting mum.  Awkward.  How on earth are they going to explain that one?  And I really hope Caroline doesn’t get tortured again, because that was BRUTAL last season.

Any other news?  Bonnie is conveniently not around (except a bad videophone conversation.  Unnecessary.)  Perhaps because Kat Graham has no time for vampires anymore what with her singing career?  (No, that is NOT snarkiness you detected just then…)  Jeremy is still seeing dead people, Alaric is still depressed, and Elena and Damon are no closer to becoming Delena.

In fact, Elena ended the episode by answering a silent call from Stefan and reminding him how much she loved him.  Ugh.  Annoying.

What did you think of the first episode back?  Are you a fan?  What do you think of Forwood?  Will they last?  Or will his mum ruin everything?  Let me know!

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Coming up Roses


Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like these days whenever I feel like a little Gossip Girl and turn it on, Nate Archibald, aka the yummy Chace Crawford, is nowhere to be found.  I mean, don’t be shocked, the guy is still on the show, but I feel like his character has gone a bit…meh.  He just kinda swans in, says something ubiquitous and then swans out.  Which would be fair enough if he were topless, but in these scenes he’s always…clothed.

I know, what the hell are The CW thinking?

So, feeling a little Chace Crawford deprived I looked up to see what he was up to and I soon learned that while Nate Archibald is as boring as watching grass grow (quite seriously, that boy needs to do something drastic already), Chace’s life is going swimmingly.

First off, didn’t have to go to jail for being a big ol’ pothead.  Might I just add though, that doesn’t everyone do pot?  Why on earth WOULD they have jailed such an attractive guy for basically nothing?  Anyway.  Moving on.

Secondly, he doesn’t have to deal with Taylor Momsen anymore since she’s given up on acting.  Not sure if he considers this a good thing, but the rest of the world does so let’s just go with it, shall we?

Thirdly, while his television career is suitable “eh” at the moment, he has a big bunch of hilarious sounding movies coming up.

The first, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, is currently filming and has a giant cast of famous people (Cameron Diaz, Chris Rock and Jennifer Lopez to name a few) all getting together and having babies.  Awwww.  While news about Chace’s character hasn’t been released yet, I assume he’ll be someone’s baby daddy.  And hey, why not?

The other movie that has just been announced is called Responsible Adults and sounds absolutely hilarious (you hear that Chace?  Don’t disappoint me ok?).  Chace stars opposite Katie Holmes (bless her soul for doing something that doesn’t revolve around Tom Cruise), the older woman who starts dating him…before she realised that back in the day she was his nanny.  Oohh!  The possible consequences!

So what do you think?  Everything coming up roses for Chace or is he just a really busy bee?  Let me know!

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There’s Magic In The Air

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For those who have seen the latest Vampire Diaries episode (and if you haven’t, seriously get on it already) we saw there were a couple of tragedies.  Manly-witchy tragedies.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering they were overall a big pain in our arses, and Bonnie did get her powers back, it does have one small problem.

Bonnie is all alone in her witchy ways.  While this wasn’t a problem beforehand, it is now.  Poor Bonnie is expected to shoulder the burden of finding a way to harness all those dead witches’ powers and come up with a spell to destroy Klaus.  If there were ever a time to go EEK I think this would be it.

Well, those sneaky producers over at CW are ahead of us, as per always.  They have already announced there will be a casting call for a character called Greta, and they are looking for 20 year old African-American gals for the role.

Innnneerrressting.  For those not in the know, Greta, the daughter of Doc Martin, is currently being held hostage by Klaus.

So will this work towards or against Bonnie?  She would obviously want Klaus killed (who doesn’t?!) but then again, Bonnie was part of the crew that killed her brother and dad.  Hmm….

Thoughts?  How do you think this will play out?  And can you think of any actresses for the role?

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